Sie woll'n mein herz rechten fleck?

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The sentence makes no sense. It translates as:

You (or they) want my heart right place.

There is a German expression sein Herz ist am rechten Fleck = his heart is in the right place.
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Who married bela fleck?

If he is still married to the lady he wed about ten years ago, then her first name is Cindy. I think if you read the liner notes on some of the early recordings, you will discover her last name.

Why do dogs have white flecks in its stool?

If your dog has small white grains or "strings" in its feces, then you're most likely dealing with an internal worm problem. I suggest that you search through the possible worms that you may be struggling with on the internet, as there are several different kinds. Look for the right signs first, and (MORE)

Is bela fleck married?

Bela Fleck married Cindy surname unknown around 1995-1996 in Nashville. Today 6 FEB 2011 I heard an NPR interview with Abigail Washburn that said they were married. Wiki article says the wedding was in 2009.

What does toten sie sie mean?

Töten Sie sie is the grammatically correct form and translates as Kill them. It is conjugated in the second person formal form of the present tense as an imperative. Other forms are: Töte sie - Kill them - singular (talking to one person), informal Tötet sie - Kill them - p (MORE)

What is the meaning of Ich meine es aber sind sie fur echt?

Translated word by word it would be "I mean it but are you/they for real" - but in German it doesn't make any sense. "Genuine" ("for real") would be ehrlich, aufrichtig, unverblümt, etc in German. The question "Are you/they genuine?" would translate as "Sind Sie ehrlich/aufrichtig/authentisch?", (MORE)

What do the white flecks mean in your nails?

Some superstition holds that it indicates you have lying (althouhg this has no basis in fact). It can mean several things including that you have been doing certain drugs, or simply that something hit your finger very hard in the mid-recent past.

Who is a koston sie?

koston is not a German word. Kosten sie could mean taste them or taste this! in English. The exact meaning would depend on whether sie is capitalized or not, and the rest of the sentence. ======= Assuming that the correct spelling is kosten, then there can only be one meaning in Germ (MORE)

English lyrics Dein ist mein ganzes Herz?

Although the title translates as Yours is my whole heart , it is known in English as Yours is my heart alone: Yours is my heart alone! Where you are not, I cannot be. Just like the flower that wilts when not kissed by the sun! Yours is my most beautiful song, for it blossoms out (MORE)

Hallo dort liebe meines lebens Ich verfehle sie soviel ind liebe sie mehr als alles uberhaupt?

This is an example of a phrase being translated word for word (from English into German) and losing its sense along the way. On a word for word it translates back as: Hello there love of my life. I miss you so much and love you more than everything else. The correct German phrase, however, would (MORE)

Je weiter meine stimme dringt je heller sie mir weider klingt vonunten?

Je weiter meine Stimme dringt, Je heller sie mir weider klingt Von unten is a line from a piece of poetry by Wilhelm Müller (October 7, 1794 - September 30, 1827), titled Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (The Shepherd on the Rock). It translates as The farther that my voice resounds, S (MORE)

What is a description of kernel fleck in demonata?

About 16 years old in Demon Apocalypse. Dark brown skin (his mother is white and his father is black). Sharp blue eyes, something uncommon for someone with his complection. Bald head since birth (may suffer a disease). Scars around his eye sockets from having his eyes ripped out repeatedly. Thin and (MORE)

How do you spell fleck?

That is the correct spelling of the noun "fleck" (a small flake, speck, or chunk). The similar words are flak (opposing comments) and flick (to toss away, as with a finger).

How old is Jack Fleck?

Jack Fleck was 92 years old when he died on March 21, 2014. (birthdate: November 7, 1921)

What does wie ist es nicht deine Schuld dass du verdammt auf meine Mädchen gewesen schlagen seitdem Sie das diese Gruppe bekam mean in English?

The sentence wie ist nicht deine Schuld dass du verdammt auf meine Mädchen gewesen schlagen seitdem Sie das diese Gruppe bekam is pure gobbledegook and it's impossible to offer any kind of translation with any level of certainty but I think what you're trying to ask is How is it not your fa (MORE)

What is Bela Fleck popular for?

Bela Fleck is an American banjo player. Famous for his solo and band work, Fleck is an innovative musician with a huge array of technical skills. Fleck is also widely known throughout the world, though born in America.

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What has the author Robert Fleck written?

Robert Fleck has written: 'Arnulf Rainer' 'Franz West' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Interviews 'Marie Raymond, Yves Klein' -- subject(s): Abstract Painting, Criticism and interpretation, Family, Monochrome painting