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Sie woll'n mein herz rechten fleck?

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The sentence makes no sense. It translates as:

You (or they) want my heart right place.

There is a German expression sein Herz ist am rechten Fleck = his heart is in the right place.
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Is it bad if I swallowed a fleck of dry paint?

it is not really life threatening it may cause a stomach pain, or also can take awhile to digest but besides that it isn't harmful.

What does toten sie sie mean?

Töten Sie sie is the grammatically correct form and translates as Kill them. It is conjugated in the second person formal form of the present tense as an imperative. Other fo

What does Sprechen Sie Deutsch mean?

If asked in a question it means, "Do you speak German?" If in an imperative statement, it means, "Speak German." It is the formal version of asking somebody if they speak

What does mein herz mean?

mein Herz = my heart

How do you use fleck in a sentence?

A tiny fleck of paint landed on my spaceship

What does Saugen sie mean?

The translation of Saugen Sie is Suck

What does Was bekommen Sie mean in German?

It means "What do you get"

What does this German word 'Sie' mean?

With a capital 'S' it means you (proper, as opposed to the familiar 'du'). The same word with a lowercase 's' can mean 'they', 'them', 'her' or 'she': Was machen Sie? = What a

Ich Liebe Sie?

Depending on capitalization, your question can give one of two translations: Ich liebe sie - I love them Ich liebe Sie - I love you (formal)

Je weiter meine stimme dringt je heller sie mir weider klingt vonunten?

Je weiter meine Stimme dringt, Je heller sie mir weider klingt Von unten is a line from a piece of poetry by Wilhelm Müller (October 7, 1794 - September 30, 1827), titled Der