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Why is an atom considered mostly empty space?

Experiments by Thomas Rutherford demonstrated that alpha particles traveled through a gold filament with only slight deflection except for the rare particle that got deflect t (MORE)
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Atoms contain mostly empty space?

That's quite true. I have seen the amount of space in an atom that's occupied by the nucleus compared to the amount of space in the state of Texas that's occupied by a bunch o (MORE)

How did he know that an atom was mostly empty space?

First he took gold and made a sheet that was absurdly thin. Gold is soft and doesn't fall apart easily so it was ideal for this purpose. Then he used a known method of prod (MORE)
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How do you know that atom is mostly empty space?

The electrons are repelled by the protons, which causes then to be farther away. If the nucleus was the size of a marble, then the atom would be the size of a football stadium (MORE)
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Is an atom mostly stuff or empty space?

Mostly empty, In the common model of the atom, electrons are really tiny and they are relatively far from the nucleus which is small (but larger than electrons). In between th (MORE)
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Why don't objects pass through one another since atoms are mostly empty space?

The electrical resistance between subatomic particles is farreaching from the atomic nucleus and electron cloud. Electrons arealso moving very fast. The probability cloud that (MORE)
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Why is it believed that an atom is mostly empty space?

Because we know that the nucleus of an atom is very very small butthis is surrounded by a cloud of electrons. The distance betweenthe nucleus and the electron cloud is HUGE me (MORE)