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Slogans on van mahotsav?

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Give the life to plants and take the life from plants.

If u chop
I'll sob


Tress keep bees
and bees keep honey

don't cut but

A missing branch,
A treeless ranch,
A tree less forest
On the horizon.
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What is the role of schools and colleges in van mahotsav?

many schools and colleges celebrate van mahotsav by planting some saplings in surrounding areas of schools and colleges.the 63rd vanmahotsav is launched by our former presiden (MORE)

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History of van mahotsav in India?

In India 'VAN MAHOTSAVA' was started by Mr. Kaniyalal  Manekalal Munshi in 1950. He was the union minister of food and  agriculture at that time. He started this program in (MORE)

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Why do you celebrate Van Mahotsav in the month of July?

we celebrate VAN MAHOTSAV on July 4th because we need to spread the word to people telling them not to cut down trees because more and more trees are being cut down but what p (MORE)

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Why it is important to celebrate Van Mahotsav?

it is imp. to celebrate this festival as we can inc. the no. of trees ........... and by planting at least one sapling also we contribute in maintaining our ecological balance (MORE)

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What is van mahotsav?

Van mahotsav is an annual pan-indian tree planting festival,occupying a week in the month of july.During this event millions of trees are planted. It was initiated in 1950 by (MORE)