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Give the life to plants and take the life from plants.

If u chop
I'll sob


Tress keep bees
and bees keep honey

don't cut but

A missing branch,
A treeless ranch,
A tree less forest
On the horizon.
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Where can you find information on van mahotsav?

van mahotsav is celebrated in australlia.it is the festival of cutting trees down.it is celebrated on April 1st.all fools love this festival. _ID15834411332 ..............

What is van mahotsav?

Van mahotsav is an annual pan-indian tree planting festival,occupying a week in the month of july.During this event millions of trees are planted. It was initiated in 1950 by

What is the importance of van mahotsav?

India is known for its forest resources. But due to rapid exploitation of forests they are going to be seen as endangered ones. To protect trees, van mahotsav the tree-planti