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Manipuris are quite conservative. Society is marked by the following characteristics: 1) Respectable stature for women 2) Hospitable nature of people in general 3) Strong principles among the masses 4) Rich in art & culture
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What is a Society?

This is just my opinion I would not say its correct or not but this is what i believe. Society is basically all the people living on earth that function and follow the daily routines of waking up, eating, going to school/work, and sleeping. At a bigger level one who follows the following steps: being born, growing up, going to school, starting work, retiring and finally dying. I think society is a bunch of people that follow these made up rules they are like sheep following a herd. I would describe them as robots just having these routines and believing its the correct way of life. But in the end who know what the "correct" way of life is. I'm just 16 years old and I am at the point between a child and becoming an adult. I would do anything to not become an adult adults see this world differently they don't fully enjoy life they just live it in a hurry.... a hurry for what we are all going to die some day why not enjoy life while we can... so that all is basically my though on society if you want to learn more i suggest reading "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry amazing book about the faults of society. It is for little kids but for adults its a good lesson check it out. =]

What does a breed society do?

Breedsocietys have a variety of roles, but their most important role isto preserve integrity of the breed they are focused on. Dog breedsocieties also serve to promote the popularity of their breed,provide sponsorship for dog shows, educate owner, breeders, andprospective owners about the breed, and breed research to addresshealth issues.

What is a totalitarian society?

A totalitarian society, such as Hitler's Germany and Stalinist Russia, is one in which the state controls all aspects of life and the state usually has ubuquitous authoritative power over the nation.

What is a capitalist society?

There's no such thing. Capitalism is a type of economic system characterized by private ownership of capital and the use of such to generate a private profit; it is not a social or political system. Capitalism has no moral precepts or ethical code, and therfore cannot be the basis of a society. The results of capitalism on society, however, lead to a culture that prioritizes and focuses on seeking short-term self-interest and financial profit. The system is designed so people who live in capitalism are too busy focusing on trivial things such as making ends meet and dealing with business on a daily basis, resulting in an unintellectual population that is largely apathetic to non-financial and non-short term interests.. Interestingly enough, if Capitalism was used as the basis of a society, it would be self-destructive; because Capitalist ideals would make it justifiable to destroy Capitalism so long as you can make a personal profit doing so. In capitalism, people are forced to pursue their financial self interest even if it harms others or the community because they require the money to acquire the basic necessities for life. The adage "the rich man will sell you the rope you use to hang him" would characterize such a society.

What is the arm wing of zomi national congress in manipur in 1960's?

Zomi National Congress is political organization for the Zomi Chin Kuki Mizo people. ZNC believe in political solution by political means. It doesn't have an armed wing. ZNC and Mizoram's PC (People's Conference) and other representative from India, Burma and Bangladesh formed Zo Re-unification Organization (ZORO) in 1980s. ZORO has it's head office in Aizawl, Mizoram.

What is a stateless society?

A stateless society is a group of people that identifies itself as a single culture, such as the Palestinians or, until 1947, the Jews, who do not have a nation state, a state ruled by and for that culture group, and who claim such a state. . Gerald.

Why does society have rules?

If there were no rules think about it: Everyone doing anything and everything they want at the same time would ensue chaos thus rules are needed. Remember that without the rules of society, murderers, rapists, and republicans would do as they wish

What is society?

A society is a group of closely related animals of the same species that work together in a highly organized way. ------------------------------------------------- Society is often understood as the basic structure and interactions of a group of people or the network of relationships between entities. A distinction is made between society and culture in sociology.

What are the levels of society in Egypt society?

The Society Pyramid of Unified Egypt Royal Family - 5% Pharaoh/King Queen Royal Children Educated Elite Viceroy of Kush - Royal Nurse - Vizier of Upper Egypt - Scribe - Vizier of Lower Egypt - High Court Lady - High Priest - General Middle Classes - 15% Merchants - Local Priests - Potters and Craftsmen - Musician - Artisan Skilled Labourers Farmers - Beer Sellers - Foot Soldier - Peasant - Archers Peasants and Manual Workers-9% Peasant Farmer - Servant - Quarrymen - Slave . Skilled Labourers and all lower stati are 80% of the population . Royal Family and Educated Elite are 5% The actual jobs are not necessarily considered of greater importance than one another in the same class excluding Slaves, Vizier of Lower Egypt and Vizier of Upper Egypt resprition

Is Pakistani Society An Islamic Society?

Our society is certainly not a Islamic society because as most our people are revisionist (in between Islam and modernism) and due to this the modernism is there.

What is centralized society?

A centralized society is one that shares a common wealth, structure, and echelon. That is, everyone one in a given society has the same status.

What is community and society?

The primary difference between a community and a society is that acommunity is limited to a specific geographic location, but asociety can be made up of people who live in different places.Another difference is that a society is made up of direct andindirect social connections between people, but a community is madeup of individuals who are more closely connected. For example,people who live in a town represent a community, whereas everyonewho lives in the state the town is located in makes up a society.

What is the Campion society?

An elite student program. The program works minds of highschoolers and teachs. It is mostly seen in Jesuit and Catholic Schools

How are we shaped by society?

We shape society by what goes on in our everyday lives. Religion, ethnicity, language, etc. shape everyone in society out to who they are today. We as a people are shaped by our surroundings.

Who are the members of society?

Society is the people of a given group or place and how they live, their culture, their government, their way of living. A member of society would be one of those people. In fact, we are all members of our own societies.

How advanced is society?

Society is more advanced today than it was a decade ago but not as advanced as it will be in another decade.

What is an urban society?

ok... first off, its URBAN society, basically, its anything where there is a lot of money and its not all plants, as in... there are buildings and jobs and trains and stuff... hope i helped!Urban sociology is the sociological study of life and humaninteraction in metropolitan areas. It is a normative discipline ofsociology seeking to study the structures, processes, changes andproblems of an urban area and by doing so provide inputs forplanning and policy making.

What are the reasons for manipur blockade?

Senapati District in the state of Manipur is the place where this controversy has arisen. Actually this district is dominated by the Kukis and the Nagas. The Kukis in their demand for a separate district of Sadar Hill have caused this blockade. In retaliation to this blockade the Nagas have also imposed a parallel blockade in the state of Manipur. The Sadar Hill District Demand Committee is the main organisation behind the blockade representing the Kukis whereas the Nagas are represented by the United Naga Council which has imposed a parallel blockade, thus impairing the state of Manipur.

Who is man in the society?

The men in society as given by Nixon in 'Leaders" are great leaders of 3 major relgions Muhammed PBUH the founder of Islam, Eisa PBUH the founder of Chirischanity and Budda the founder of Buddaism. The men in society are the men respected by all without being given corruption money or any other incentives or having no support of gangs or mafias or no curruption money is required to purchase press or media. Quaid-i- Azam is a man of society due to his principals getting Rs.1 as pay and donating every thing to Pakistan after his death. He refused to become life presedent for PML and he urged to appear every year for accountability. Any one who tried to give protection of human rights , justice and respect to society is a man of society.

What is an andean society?

The Andeans were a very ancient race, living in the Andean mountains of the South American continent, in what is now Peru, some Chile, some Ecuadoreans. They were anciently very fine, very righteous and creative. Overrun by the spanish who thought it was ok to claim the land and enslave the Andeans. Incans, much the same. Their music is somewhat still "alive" these days, and often the panpipes are used in their music; they play outstanding music that many people find an intense attraction to, the first time they hear such things. Most of the Andean ways, their culture and religion has been viciously supressed by the spanish of some centuries ago, so much of that remains unknown these days.

How was the Sparta society?

Sparta's society was orginized by people defending themselves andthem having an election of five supervisors who ran the governmentand voted on suggested laws which were good.

How was the Hellenistic society?

The Hellenistic Age begins with the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C.E. All the lands that he had conquered were divided into 3 major kingdoms, Seleucid, Ptolemaic, and Antigonid. All of the lands that were ruled by these powerful kingdoms were greatly influenced by Greek culture. This was an age of large cities. A cosmopolitan age of travel, trade, and communications. This time also saw the rise of new institutions of liberties and universities. Art and literature become sophisticated and realistic. Historians called this time the Hellenistic Age, an age where Greek culture was a strong influence.

What is pagan society?

"Pagan" was a term applied by the Catholic Church to any group that is not Christian so the nature of the society quite widely from Buddhists in Asia to Cree Indians in the Americans, to Australian aborigines.

What is an equitable society?

It would be a very good society. Very positive and fair. For example: No discrimination. No sex as a game and no drugs. Good services like security, medicine, education (all levels) from everyone, fair wages and conditions, very low taxes, and other things of this kind. It would be actually like the perfect society, when there are no differences at all, not even the ones existing such as the economical power.

What is religious society?

A society where religion plays a key role in how things work. For example Islamic countries follow Sharia law, which is a teaching of Islam.

Why Indian force at manipur is so harshful to manipuri people?

every country has army with good and bad peo ple,even India has good and bad peo ple in there army dose not mean that whole indian army hate them.about 99% of all India love maniur and its peo ple and only 1% peo ple from indian army hate them for there personal reason's.My dad is in Indian army and he is carnal he also visited maniur and said to me when he come back that *son if you want to visit heave on earth you have to go maniur* and i did. even i also gone there and its so cool p lace to visit.And maniuri students are my friends in university.If few a p ples are bad dose not mean whole tree is bad,sorry for my bad English. .

Where is located manipur?

in the north-eastern part of India, also one the seven sisters of north eastern is a state bodering to burma.

Is a feudal society a backward society?

No. A feudal society is when there is a caste system (sort of). It is when there's a small ruling class, a slightly larger upper class of important people, a middle class, and a huge lower class. It is impossible for someone to change classes.

What are the factor which hamper quality education in manipur?

Like all other systems in Manipur, the system of education is also corrupt that turn sides with those who are rich and well to do. With powers and money corrupting the system, it has failed to provide fair and quality education to the masses. One may try to differentiate between the educations systems in the hills from that of the valley. Lack of choices in the available courses, failure of the state government to meet the needs of the higher secondary students, failure of parents to send their children outside the state due to weak financial conditions, etc are major contributing factors that has led to the black hole in the education system of Manipur. The system of education in the hills faces many more challenges then the system in the valley. One of the most common challenges is the language barrier as Manipur is a multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic state. Besides this, other factors such as cultural upheaval, Militancy crises, political unrest and economic stagnation all play a major role in hampering the education system of Manipur. Right now, education in Manipur is undergoing a major crisis as a result of the imbalance. It is important for each one of us to understand that education is the vital source of the nation's strength and a ray of hope for the future of Manipur.