Son 15 doesn't refuses to visit his father because he says his father is making comments that disturb him is this something the judge will want to hear?

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Maybe. If the 15 year old has a law guardian or social worker, start there.
will dapends what kind of comments. If its like your fat good lose some weight then not always, but if its something more serious then most likely yes
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If you have primary residential custody what can you do if the father refuses to return your son after a weekend visit?

File parental kidnapping charges. File contempt with state. If you know where the child is being kept and the other parent isn't there you can pick up the child at the babysis

Your 11 year old son doesn't want to go to visitation with his father because he makes him sleep in the same bed with his 12 year old half sister and 9 year old half brother what can you do?

Answer . Contact the court immediately and ask for the custody order to be ammended based on the argument that you son's emotional welfare is being threatened. You ex may

Does my 16 year old son have to visit his father from a previos court order when he does not want to go. while we are pending are 5th court visitation hearing does he have to go?

yes, if his father isn't abusive then there isn't a reason in haulting his visitation rights. Your son is 16 years old and should be able to see both sides of the story. Let h

Can you keep your son from visiting his father because you do not like his fathers new girlfriend even though there is nothing in the visitation schedule saying I have a right to do so?

I think I understand your question, but it's not asked very clearly. It's a little confusing. If I'm answering this wrong, then you need to re-ask and be more specific. As in
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When can a father be refused visitation rights?

If he is deemed to be unfit by the court a father's visitations can be terminated. The factors used to determine that a parent is unfit are generally governed by state laws wi
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Can my 14 year old son refuse to visit his father as we have joint custody?

No, not without getting you in trouble for contempt of court if such visitation is court ordered. Penalties you may face include monetary, jail time, or even losing your joint
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What can you do when a mother refuses to give the children to the father for visitations and the child does want to come?

If the visitation order is violated the father should visit the court and file a motion for contempt of the court order. If the visitation order is violated the father should