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Sono molto stanco potete vorrei dormire tutto?

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Not sure what you mean, but it doesn not make sense in Italian. Look you have three conjugated verbs with three different subject pronouns (io, voi, io).
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What does molto gentile mean in Italian?

Molto Gentile is Italian for very kind .

What does molto rit mean?

Literally : "much slower" So slow down a lot. [amount of slowing down depends on the conductor.]

What does andra tutto bene mean?

Everything's going well.

What does tutto bene mean?

  I think 'tutto bene' is Italian for: 'All's well' or 'it's all good'.

What is the opposite of molto in music?

Well, when I think of when I see molto. in my music, it's normally like molto rit. or molto dec. It means a big decrescendo, or a big ritard. I'd say the opposite of this cou

What does molto rall mean?

Molto rall is short for molto rallentando which is an expression which runs for 5 beats in 4/4 time, ie starts at the beginning of one measure and runs to the first beat of th

What is 'tutto' when translated from Italian to English?

"All (entirely, totally)" as an adverb, "all" as an adjective, and "everybody (everyone, everything)" as a noun/pronoun are English equivalents of the Italian word tutto. cont