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Special roof assess lien on condo that's on the market as a short sale Considering there are 30 other units with the lien should I pay my portion off to help the unit sell?

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Whether you negotiate a reduction in the sell price by the amount of the special assessment, or pay it off, the minus amount to you will be the same.

Said another way, you will pay the special assessment one way or the other.
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Can you sell a vehicle that is about to be repossessed so you can pay off the lien?

YES, IF-IF-IF you can pay the loan off. The lender will have to be involved in the sale to get the paperwork done.Lenders will NOT release the title until the loan is paid in

You live in a condo and fourteen people are behind in assessment can the board put a lien on the unit owners who own the largest amount?

  Sure--if you would like to retain a discrimination law attorney. If the board decides to file liens against delinquent condo owners, then it must file liens against all

If a house has a lien from the neighborhood HOA and sells and the lien is not paid who pays?

The lien would remain on the property. That sort of thing should show up on the title examination BEFORE the sale. Then the buyer could have required the seller to pay it. Tha

What happens if there are Liens on my condo corporation?

Any lien on the association probably includes a lien on every member's title. Your local court clerk can verify this. It's a good idea for the association to find a way to ge

How does a MN condo association file a lien to collect unpaid assessments?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not assessments are automatic liens.    Best practices indicate that you need to work with your association's atto

What is a HOA special assessment lien?

Here are the definitions you need:    HOA -- home owners association  special assessment -- an amount of money you  are required to pay that the board has voted, and t

Can a condominium put a lien in your condo?

Yes, a condominium can put a lien on your condo. The condominium depends on your payments to keep up the common areas. As a result, it has the right to collect its fees plus i

How do you pay off condo fee lien in Massachusetts?

If Massachusetts is like most other states, the attorney who filed the lien on behalf of the association can provide you a total amount to pay, which includes the lien amount,

A lien for unpaid assessments has been placed on your unit by the condo association - can they foreclose on your condo owned outright?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.    Usually, regardless of the ownership status -- outright ownership or mortgaged -- unpaid condominium as

I have a lien on my condo but want to remortgage?

Your mortgage lender is the person who can tell you how to proceed. Generally, a lender will require that you pay the debt and remove the lien before a new financial agreeme

Who pays the tax lien in a foreclosure sale?

Caution: This is not legal advice and I am not a lawyer. This is general advice and there may be exceptions from state to state. I do, however, have extensive real estate expe

Can a condo association President vote for unbuilt units If so is he responsible to pay association fees and special assessments for the voted units?

Your answer is complex, and requires precise definitions.    Usually, unbuilt units have no voting rights, because there is no  allocated interest in the association's
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How do you record a condo assessment lien in Texas?

Regardless of the state where the property is located, best practices dictate that you work with an association-savvy attorney to file a lien for non-payment of assessments.