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Bharat varsh me prarambh se hi bacchon ko ishwar ka roop mana jata hai. Pr aj ki sthiti iske viprit hai.chote chote bache scol chod kr baal majduri ke liye majboor hain.kya apko nai lagta komal bachpan ko is tarah gart me jane se rok skte hain? Desh ke surakshit bhavishya ke liye ab waqt a gya hai apko ye jimmedari lene ka... kya ap lenge aise ek masoom ki jimmedari
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What is an example of a short speech on child labor?

Child Labour (Speech) Good morning everyone. My objective today is to talk to you about child labour. Do you know that of every 100 children in the world today, 16 of them a

Why was there child labor?

The question should be why is there child labour, as it still exists today.     Some causes of child exploitation are (but not limited to) poverty, lack of education,

Can you get an article on child labor in Hindi?

go to Google.com type child labour many options will come click on the wikipedia free encyclopedia. on the left side many options will appearfor language click on Hindi then t

Is there an essay of child labor in Hindi?

go to (www.wikipedia.com) and search essay on child labour. then a big essay on child labour will appear in English. on the left hand side u will see a box of languages. there

Essay on child labor in Hindi language?

Type child labour ( बाल श्रमिक ) on any popular search engine with Hindi as the language option.

Slogan on child labor in hindi language?

abhi karni hame khel-padhai mat karwao hamse kamai. Bachpan hai anmol, chheeno mat hamse Bare hokar ham kam karenge tumse badhke. Mata Shatru, Pita Bairi Ban jate hai Jo Nanhe

Can you give short speech on child labor for 5 min?

I can't write your speech for you -- that would be cheating and if you copied it, it would be plagiarism. Here are some tips on how to write a good speech, though: 1. Do your

What is child labor?

"Child labor" is, generally speaking, work for children that harms them or exploits them in some way (physically, mentally, morally, or by blocking access to education)

Can you give me a very short speech on child labor?

today, my friends i am here to talk to you about child labour. We need to help those innocent children who work day and night! The children with cuts and Brucie's everywhere,

Write speech on pollution in Hindi?

what is pollution in Hindi? And give ten simple reasons for reasons for pollution and how to eradicate it ? give your answer for primary level students

Who does child labor?

Most countries in Asia do child labour, but there has been a few in Europe. Most countries have some form of child labor; some have more than others. Child labor occurs when a

Can I get a speech on child labor in 200 words?

Child labour is a crime in India there are many child labour going on in rural and in urban also there are so many child who are orphan and able to have the food and clothes a