Starting from an HDTV cable box using a split cable going to the pip output can you connect another tv to the pip output and get an HDTV picture on the other tv?

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It really depends on your PIP output on the cable box and whether or not the output is HDTV or standard TV. And in some cases, the PIP output will only display non-HDTV channels, depending again, on the box and the cable company.

However, IF the cable company says that a HDTV signal is available from the PIP output on the cable box, then it'll probably work. The only way to be sure is to connect a TV and find out.

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What is HDTV cable TV?

Answer \nHDTV refers to High Definition Television – the new entrant and future of cable television. According to the promoters of HDTV and people who have had a chance to witness it, HDTV is definitely the talk of the television industry. While watching sports on HDTV you can not only see the action in all its glory, but can actually see every blade of grass on the sports field. Once you see HDTV, you will not wish to see regular cable television again.\n\nHDTV is a kind of a digital television broadcasting system. Digital signal refers to the ones and zeros that a computer reads, and gives much better sound and picture quality than normal cable television.\n\nRegular cable television uses cables to send signals to your television, which usually displays the signals in 525 tiny lines across the television screen. With HDTV Cable TV, the signals are digital and can thus give displays in 720 or 1080 lines, which translates into a much superior picture quality. The ‘aspect ratio’ in HDTV is 16:9 and is more than the regular 4:3 ratio. This gives better resolution in HDTV than in regular cable television and sometimes as much as ten times more.\n\nHDTV compresses digital data which allows up to 6 times more information to be sent in the same range of radio waves as of one analog cable channel. So any broadcaster can send multiple data waves through the limited airwaves they are allowed to use. This is known as multicasting and is not available with regular cable television.\n\nHDTV can be obtained by getting a digital converter for the analog television. Although this will not give you the full experience of HDTV Cable TV, it will still be much better than the normal cable transmission. Newer television sets will be made with integrated receivers to avail of HDTV, but a separate set top box will be needed to get the programs.\n\nHDTV Cable TV uses a superior technology and is thus better than digital cable television. The cable television industry is now promoting HDTV Cable TV as more services also translate into better profits. It is estimated that by the end of 2006, almost all cable television subscribers will be using HDTV Cable TV.

How do you split cable internet to get cable television?

Answer . \nDepending on your cable company, it may not be possible. If you are paying for cable tv service, then you should be able to use a splitter from radioshack or anywhere that sells them. Make sure you get a splitter that goes up to 1000mhz, or 1 ghz. The splitter has an in and at least 2 outs, maybe more depending on how many devices you want. Be aware that splitting cable signal cuts it in half and if you do not have enough signal for this, your internet may stop working. If you are not paying for tv service, most companies will put something called a hypass on the line. This allows only the frequencies that carry internet signal to pass through. If you do not have one of these installed on your line, than you should be able to get tv reception. Good luck!

How do you split digital cable from one TV to Two TVs?


How do you hook up HDTV cable box?

Answer . If your cable box has a HDMI cable port, buy an HDMI cable to connect the TV to the cable box. The next best alternative is to use a S-Video cable with a pair of Audio cables. The third best alternative is to use a RF Coaxial cable. The last option is to use a composite Video and L/R Audio cables. You should note that while the TV may be HD capable, the cable box may not support HD so you will have to upgrade your cable box to a HD compatible cable box.

Is it legal to use your own cable tv box?

Answer . The cable box itself would not be an issue. Cable boxes will not work on their own, there must be a live feed of cable for the box to have channels to choose from. \n. If someone is not paying for that cable to be available at that residence but for whatever reason there is a live feed coming through, it would be seen as illegal. \n.

Can you use a RCA cable for HDTV technology?

The answer is YES , you can substitute Composite Video Cables with RCA cables for use in HDTV Technology. - I tried it, using 3 sets of audio RCA cables (red and white) One for the Audio connections (red and white) and the other two for composite video connections. (red, blue, and green) - The following address shows the process and results, using a HD digital tuner with 1080i output on a HD ready TV.¤t=RCA.jpg. Most modern televisions will offer you a series of connectivity options: 1) 75ohm standard antenna input 2) composite video - RCA jacks (yellow, red, white) 3) component video - RCA jacks (red, green, blue) 4) S-video - DIN connector 5) DVI 6) HDMI The best connection is HDMI. The worst is 75 ohm coaxial cable. Numbers 1 and 2 on this list are not capable of passing HDTV at all. For further assistance see the Consumer Electronics of Association Connection Guide:

HDTV antenna and cable box on same tv?

Answer . It's not uncommon. Look to see if your cable box has an antenna input. If it does, it's just a remote click to change from cable to TV. If not, you'll have to use an antenna switcher.

Can you connect a 2nd TV to 1 cable box?

Yes. Just get a splitter. The only problem will be that you'll have to watch the same channel on the second TV as with the first TV.. You might be able to split the signal before the cable box and just receive only the analog channels that the cable signal is carrying, but as they switch over to digital, that'll all go away on February 17, 2009 as televsion nationally, goes to an all digital transmitted signal.

How can you use HDTV with out cable TV?

There are two answers to this, depending on what the poster actually means with the question, so the question is reworded and answered twice below:. 1 - Can an HDTV work without HD cable?. HD televisions can display both HD and SD signals. Putting an HD television into a system as a replacement to an SD television will still allow all the sources to operate as they have done in the past, even though no HD signals aver reach the television. As and when an HD source is available, the television will display that in HD resolution.. 2 - Are HDTV programmes available without using an HD cable receiver?. HDTV as a signal format can be sourced from HD cable receivers. However, if there is no HD cable receiver, or not cable service at all, satellite is another platform that can be used for HD reception. Alternatively, HD signals can be generated using high definition DVD. HD DVD and BluRay are the two formats available and both will deliver HD signals from an HD disc.

Getting a tv ready for HDTV?

Well, I don't know exactly what you mean. But if you mean the 2009 digital transition, all you need is a cable or satellite service provider and a set-top-box from that provider, and you'll be fine. This does not mean HD! Now, if you are saying that you are getting HD from your service provider, then you need a special set-top-box, as well as an HD Television set. Hope this answers your question!

Cable TV picture pixelates?

It's not uncommon and one of the biggest complaints I have against digital TV in general.\n. \nSounds like you have some type of interruption in the signal, preventing all the data from arriving to the tuner. Without knowing whether or not you have cable, satellite or using an antenna for your digital signals, I really can't provide any more information to troubleshoot.

Can you use your HDTV as a regular tv?

If it contains a tuner and you have the correct cables for the correct connections, then yes. Or more truthfully: If the manufacturer chooses so, you may...

Can a cable other than yellow be used to connect video input to output?

Of course. They are all basically the same. The only difference being that the video cable is sometimes thicker (lower guage) and generally made of higher quality materials.. They will all interchange with each other and in many cases the only difference between the three wires is the color.. From Wikipedia:. "nearly all audio-visual connectors, including audio, composite and component video , and S/PDIF audio can use identical 75 Ω cables". By the way, these are called "RCA jacks" or "composite video".. Hope that helped.

Why do satellite cable TV charge extra for HDTV?

HDTV has demanded a great deal of investment by content producers and broadcasters. Studios, transmission suites, archiving, cable and satellite services have all seen increased costs for new equipment. Broadcasting HD uses about 5 times the data rate of a similar SD channel so bandwidth allocation that will carry 5 SD channels supports just one HD channel. Apart from the equipment, other less obvious details have changed. HD demands more attention to lighting, costumes and sets with some significant cost increases. During the transition from SD to HD, charging a premium to receive HD channels is one of the ways to recoup the investments in infra-structure and production costs. As more viewers move to HD, market forces are likely to reduce the premium. In the coming years, we are also likely to see the end of some SD channels with the content offered only as HD. As we reach that point, the HD premiums are very likely to reduce to a minimal amount. And let's not forget, because they can. As with any other commercial organization, broadcasters are keen to increase profits. If people are willing to pay extra for improved quality, HD pricing will remain higher than SD.

Can an svga cable from a laptop be connected to an HDTV jack on a TV?

\nThere are several types of HD input to a television. The most common is HDMI, a compact connector that carries digital video, audio and control data in a single cable assembly. The other common input is a set of BNC or RCA jacks marked as RGB. Often the RGB jacks have additional jacks marked as sync or S or perhaps a pair marked as H and V. The RGB input is analog rather than digital. Note that there is a further input called component - this is commonly marked as Y, U, V and also uses three RCA jacks. Component is NOT RGB and the two are not interchangeable. Some inputs can be configured to be either RGB or component. Check the TV manual for this information.\n. \nVGA is an analog signal with 5 separate lines, referred to as RED, GREEN, BLUE, HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL. This will normally connect to the RGBHV input of the television if there is one. It is important to note that the operating frequency of the signal may not be compatible with the television so it is worth checking with the user manuals before trying it. A cable with a 15 pin high density D connector at one end and 5 RCA jacks at the other will be needed and they can be obtained from most specialist computer or television dealers.\n. \nNote also that HDMI is compatible with DVI which is the latest display standard for computers. DVI does not carry audio but the video image is identical in format to other HDMI video signals. Once again, it is worth checking the user manual for the television to ensure that the signal frequencies can be displayed.

What are the correct cables for HDTV cable TV?

No one answer to this one....match what your cable box has with what your TV has. HDMI is the name of the newest standard, DVI was its predecessor. If you have a mismatch adapters may be obtained on your own, unlikely the cable company will provide assistance to that level. You can get by with using the component in/out connections, these are the red, green and blue plugs/ports you see on the box and your TV. It will work, just not as good of a picture quality to the discerning eye.

How do you turn a normal tv into HDTV?

Standard definition TV's really can't be changed into anything other than what they are. In other words, there's no conversion kits, etc.\n. \nBut a standard definition TV can still use the digital HDTV signals with the use of a converter box on your antenna system, Dish or DirectTV RF output jacks, etc.\n. \nThe picture, even though converted, will still generally look better than a standard analog signal just because there's quite a bit more information in the signal allowing your analog TV to wowrk at it's maximum capabilities.

Are there RC to HDMI converter cables available for connecting your DVD player RC output to HDMI input of your tv set?

"RC" is likely to refer to "RCA", the yellow jack that carries composite video along with the red and white RCAs that carry stereo audio. There are a number of devices to convert composite video to HDMI and are commonly available online at trading and auction sites. They are priced at around $30 upwards and most do a reasonable job. Some are described as up-converters, delivering 1080 line resolution instead of the 480 line or 576 line resolution of composite video. However, don't be persuaded that they will give you HD quality. Although they convert to an HD format, the image detail will still remain the same as the original SD signal. The converters are useful if you only have an HDMI input available but they will not improve the image quality. If you have analog RCA inputs on the television, they will provide the same quality of image as the converter will provide.

How do you connect an antenna and cable to a tv?

The TV needs to have two RF inputs. Most don't. Otherwise you need a A-B rf switch, Radioshack has them. Or you can connect the cable box to the TV using the VIDEO IN connectors leaving the single RF (antenna) input for the antenna.

Can you connect a laptop to a tv using only a vga cable?

I have been trying so hard with my laptop and vga cable and my tv but nothing seems to work i have watched piles of tutorials and nothings seems to happen possibly me and you have the same problem...If you find out how to do it or if i do i will inform you

Can irun analog cable through an HDTV lcd tv if idon't have HDTV?

You can but the picture won't be that great and if I were you I would just call your cable provider and upgrade to digital cable because most markets are going to a digital signal now analog is like cassette tape not cool anymore . I must warn you though once you see HD you'll never wanna go back to regular cable.

How can you connect a second tv to 1 cable box?

You can connect a second tv to 1 cable box by purchasing a video distribution amp (VDA) I think the smallest one you can buy is 1 input ( cable box connection ) 4 outputs ( 4 TV Connections. ) The only catch is that you have to watch the same channel on both TV's. VDA's are easy to hook up and relatively inexpensive, you can probably find one for less than $80 maybe even cheaper depending what type of connection you desire... RCI

Can you connect a computer to a tv using a HDMI cable?

Most computers can make use of an HDMI input on a television but it's not always possible. First, the computer must have either an HDMI or DVI output. DVI is a digital video port used on many of the latest computers. It is compatible with HDMI signals although DVI does not carry audio and the connector is different to an HDMI connector. If the computer does not have a DVI port, an expansion card or a USB device can normally be used to add one. Next, a DVI to HDMI cable is needed to connect the computer to the television. Finally, a separate audio connector will be needed. Most televisions have at least one HDMI port with a separate analog audio input. Normally, the connector is a 1/8" jack connector. There is usually a menu setting on the television that will enable the analog input to be used Be aware that while most televisions will handle computer signals in this way, not all of them will display a computer image properly. As computers often use different display refresh rates than broadcast signal, some televisions will not recognize the signal. Experimentation may be needed to find the best display format for the computer. Note that VGA is an analog video signal and cannot be used with HDMI ports which are only digital. Some DVI ports are capable of outputting an analog signal as well as digital. If that is the case, make sure that the output is set to display digital signals.

Can you use an HD cable box with a non-HD TV?

This depends on the cable box. Most HD cable receivers have not only an HDMI output for use with HD televisions but also feature analog connections that can be used with non HD televisions. The analog outputs will only deliver SD quality so the benefits of an HD receiver won't be seen, but the receiver most certainly can be used and will display HD quality whenever an HD television is connected to it.

What is the max distance a HDTV signal go on a coaxial cable and which is the best cable to use?

Outside commercial facilities, raw HDTV signals do not travel on co-ax. In a production studio, an HD signal will travel up to 500 feet as an uncompressed full bandwidth HD signal. This signal format is not seen outside the studio. Once the signal has been prepared for broadcast, it is in a compressed format and carried to a transmitter, satellite base station or put onto a cable for distribution to homes. In the case of cable operators, the main trunks are normally fiber optic with the drops to each house either on co-ax or fiber. Whatever solution is chosen by the cable company, it is engineered to provide reliable service to each home using specific cables and connectors. Once the signal has been received by a cable, satellite or terrestrial receiver, it is output as an HDMI signal. There is virtually no equipment that will output HD in any other format. HDMI is a multiple twisted pair cable rather than co-ax and has a maximum length approaching 100 feet. In terms of the best HDMI cable to use, it is important to use a cable that has been tested and approved by the HDMI organization. If the cable passes that quality test, it will work as well as any other cable, regardless of cost or any other claim by cable manufacturers. If an HDMI cable works, it will deliver the signal without any corruption, so claims by manufacturers that they offer the "best quality" image are without substance. In essence, the cable either works or it doesn't.

I have a 15 pin to rgb cable can I use this to connect my laptop with 15 pin output to my tv with only the white yellow and red inputs?

A 15 PIN cable is a VGA cable and the yellow, white and red RCA connectors are for composite video and 2 channel audio. Converting VGA to composite needs more than a cable adaptor and will always substantially reduce the quality of the image. Many modern televisions have red, green and blue inputs with one or two synchronizing inputs. If the television has a set of connectors like this it may well handle VGA signals. There are some converters that will combine the two sync signals in a VGA signal into a single signal that most other RGB signals use. Note that you will need to send audio via a different input other than your VGA of course Before investing in any hardware, read and study the manual for the television. Most will make reference to VGA signals and whether or not they can be used. Another alternative is to use a DVI or HDMI dsplay output from the computer. Display ports that connect to a USB port can be purchased at a relatively low cost and they will provide a full quality interface to most televisions with an HDMI input. DVI is compatible with HDMI in that they carry the same video information. DVI does not carry audio so once again, a separate audio connection will be required if a DVI display port is used.

How can you connect your ps3 to your samsung home theater and to your tv using HDMI cables and will my tv handle HDMI cables if my tv is 720p?

If your HDTV does not have a HDMI input you need either a component or S video cable also designed for the PS3 and purchased from a store like Target or That cable has a connection for the PS3 on one side and a connection for your HDTV input on the other side and could cost $25. Some home theater systems even include a blue ray disc player and the PS3 can be connected to those and the whole HDMI system will allow everything to work. MY Samsung HDTV is just an older 26 inch 720 P model and used only to watch during meals. It does have many input connections except they are for component, S video, and the regular A/V that came with the PS3 for 480i standard video. I suspect your HDTV does not have HDMI and you will need to purchase a special cable, but can use the cable that came with the PS3 until you do. has them for under $20 see related link . If you Home theater has the five color coded RCA plug inputs for a Component cable on the back you can try to connect the PS3 to it.

How do you get picture to your tv when running a starchoice dvi to HDMI cable through your AV receiver then HDMI from your receiver output to your tv input?

You may not be able to get it to work through your receiver due to the HDMI HDCP copy protection feature. The Starchoice tuners have to be set up to allow the display on your brand of TV and Receiver. If your brand of receiver isn't supported as an HDCP-compliant device, then you won't see a picture. You'll have to connect directly to the TV and run a coaxial or optical digital cable to the receiver for the audio.

Can you use cable wire to connect cctv camera to tv?

It depends on the Camera output and the TV input. Check the manufacturer's cut sheets for each and look for what connections are available. RG-59U Co-axial (COAX) cable with type BNC ends are used commonly in the security industry

How do you convert an analog TV to HDTV?

One can convert an analog TV to HDTV by using a set top box or digital analog tuner converter box. One does require a HD ready TV though to be able to watch the HD channels.