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Why does the camel have a hump?

to store fat, not water, like most people think.    Edit: it's true that it's to store fat, but water is produced when  fat is burned, so by default it's also a form of (MORE)

How do you hump a towel?

Take a towel and roll it up like a log and then put it in between your legs and ride on it and go up and down on it. And make sure to wear something short while doing this or (MORE)

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How do camels get their humps?

The_camels_get_their_humps_simply_when_they_eat._When_the_food_is_consumed,_the_camel's_body_will_convert_it_to_fats,_which_will_then_be_stored_in_its_hump._The_more_they_eat, (MORE)


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What is drying?

DRYING: The removal of liquid from a solid substance by heating is called drying drying is the unit operation in which the mass is transferred

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How do you do the hump hairstyles?

The hump, as popularized by Sarah Palin and Snooki, is done with a plastic thing called a Bumpit. The procedure is pretty simple: go to where on your head you want the bump an (MORE)

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