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Why does the camel have a hump?

to store fat, not water, like most people think.    Edit: it's true that it's to store fat, but water is produced when  fat is burned, so by default it's also a form o (MORE)

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Why do camels have humps?

The reason for the existence of a camel's hump is purely down to  genetics. A camel is genetically predisposed to have one (Dromedary  camel) or two humps (Bactrian camel), (MORE)
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Camel with no humps?

A camel's humps contains fats. When there is a lack of food, the camel breaks down the fats in its humps. If all the fats are broken down, the camel might lose its humps.
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How do camels get their humps?

The_camels_get_their_humps_simply_when_they_eat._When_the_food_is_consumed,_the_camel's_body_will_convert_it_to_fats,_which_will_then_be_stored_in_its_hump._The_more_they_eat, (MORE)

How do you hump a towel?

Take a towel and roll it up like a log and then put it in between your legs and ride on it and go up and down on it. And make sure to wear something short while doing this or (MORE)

Humping: Am I at Risk?

What's the actual risk of contracting an STD when humping or dry-humping? Is there really a risk, and, if there is, how does someone reduce their risk of contracting an STD du (MORE)

Buffalo Hump

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) AIDS is a painful and debilitating disease. Most people associate AIDS with being a sexually transmitted disease and this is a fact, (MORE)
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How do you do the hump hairstyles?

The hump, as popularized by Sarah Palin and Snooki, is done with a plastic thing called a Bumpit. The procedure is pretty simple: go to where on your head you want the bump an (MORE)

What is a dowagers hump?

A dowagers hump is a curvature at the base of the neck that  develops in older people causing their head to move forward and  preventing them from looking up.
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Why puppy hump?

puppies hump not to show dominance but to practice for when they are old enough to mate. it is not uncommon for a male puppy to hump another puppy this only lasts a few second (MORE)

What animal has hump?

The animal that has a hump is called a camel. The humps are  actually essential to the camel's survival. Camels live in hot, dry  areas, so it is hard to find water or food. (MORE)