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Why does the camel have a hump?

to store fat, not water, like most people think.    Edit: it's true that it's to store fat, but water is produced when  fat is burned, so by default it's also a form of (MORE)
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How come when you step out of the shower you feel cold but as soon as you dry you feel warmer even though the temperature is the same?

  Because when your skin is wet the evaporation of the moisture takes heat away from your skin and makes it feel cold. When you are dry you do not have this evaporation ha (MORE)
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Camel with no humps?

A camel's humps contains fats. When there is a lack of food, the camel breaks down the fats in its humps. If all the fats are broken down, the camel might lose its humps.
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Can an 11 year old hump?

everyone can hump something. all you have to do is smack your reproducing parts on something
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How do you hump a towel?

Take a towel and roll it up like a log and then put it in between your legs and ride on it and go up and down on it. And make sure to wear something short while doing this or (MORE)
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How do camels get their humps?

The_camels_get_their_humps_simply_when_they_eat._When_the_food_is_consumed,_the_camel's_body_will_convert_it_to_fats,_which_will_then_be_stored_in_its_hump._The_more_they_eat, (MORE)

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