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description of stockman
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Duties and responsibilities of accounts payable?

anage and prepare all invoices on an everyday basis and send it for approvals. Evaluate and reconcile all vendor statements and manage all inquiries. Manage and verify all e

What are the Duties and responsibilities of a company driver?

The driver shall strictly observe Traffic Rules and Regulation and maximum speed limit as prescribed by the Land Transportation Office ( LTO)The driver shall maintain assigned

Duties and responsibilities of stockman?

Check and package items accurately Maintain cleanliness of the area and equipment assigned Receive and check all incoming stocks from suppliers and forwarder (only if assign

What are the duties and responsibility of IT Staff?

The duties and responsibilities of IT staff(s) in an organization are numerous though it majorly boiled down to ensuring the security of the organisation stored data, ensuring

What are the duties and responsibilities of a cashier?

A cashier may be required to do any or all of the following, depending on where they are employed: Greet customers as they enter the storeAnswer questions for customersRing up

What is the duties and responsibilities of a Planning Engineer?

Planning engineer in the organization will be to perform jointly with the site manager and see that development is taking place in the most suitable method and sequence of con

What are the duties and responsibilities of church administrator?

The duties & responsiblities of a church administrator is make sure that all things within the church go smoothly, tell the church of ways to improve within the church without

Duties and responsibilities of merchant bank?

A merchant banker in the conduct of his business has to observe high standards of integrity and fairness in all his dealings with his clients and other merchant bankers. He

What are the duties and responsibilities of a dining supervisor?

The standard duties and responsibilities of a dining supervisor are  to manage the dining room employees, perform the operational  administrative duties and ensure that the