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Summary of theres a teenager in the house by kerima polotan tuvera?

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the mother wants to the teenager to become a good person...
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Plot of the house full of daughters by polotan?

The book A House Full of Daughters has a plot set in a small town.  It focuses on the struggles of a mother trying to feed and take  care of her 7 daughters.

Kerima polotan tuvera there's a teenager in the house?

THERE'S A TEENAGER IN THE HOUSE by Kerima Polotan - Tuvera There's a teenager in my house. Until a few years ago, he was my son. But when he turned thirteen, he also became th

What is the theme of the story 'The Virgin' by Kerima Polotan Tuvera?

Having spent most of her adult life caring for an ailing mother, Miss Mijares is past her youth. She realizes to her disappointment that love and marriage have eluded her. She