How much are you supposed to weigh if you are 5' 10 and have a medium build?

Since all the decent charts are age-adjusted and sex-adjusted, it is impossible to answer your question. However, a much better measurement is your percentage of body fat. T (MORE)

What building was mentioned in the Bible that was supposed to reach heaven?

In the old testament book of Genesis, chapter 11 you can read about the Tower of Babel. The people that lived then wanted to build a tower that would reach to the heavens. The (MORE)

Where are you supposed to type in codes in build-a-bear ville?

Go to the Build-A-Bear store in Town Square. Click on the cream colored bear. He will give you 5 options. They are: Bring furry friends to life online, Enter a web code, Enter (MORE)

In their plans what did they suppose the building of the tower of babel would protect them from?

The bible indicates that Nimrod was the builder of Babel. Histyrannical rule was noted in the Bible to be in opposition to God.Josepheus in Jewish Antiquities states that Je (MORE)