Symbol for the math term area?

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A capital A is usually used as a symbol for area in math.
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What is a symbol in math?

\nPlus +\n. \nminus -\n. \nTimes * or X\n. \nDivide one line and 2 dots over and under the line (almost like a fraction)

Symbols in math?

Yes, there are lots of symbols in maths, or math as we say in the U.S. There are the basic ones, such as =, +, -, x, / Respectively, these are "equal", "plus", "minus", "time

What are symbols for in math?

A number by itself is meaningless. Symbols and labels add meaning in math. Symbols in math are used to represent different operations, and/or add descriptions. There are many

What is the math term area mean?

in simple math terms it is the length times height of a 2 dimension object the units are squared so if the length is five in and the height is 4 inches then the area would be

What is the math symbol i?

The most common uses of 'i' follow, however there are many and clarifying your question with context may allow a more useful answer: 'i' may be used as a general case when i