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What do you do when your working on a project with friends and they stop working with you?

tell them 2 get there act together and say what will happen if you dont finish the project and of that doesent work threaten that your going to take their names off the proj (MORE)

Outlet stopped working and it is not a GFCI?

First, check the circuit breakers; make sure they are all ON. Find out if any other outlets on the same breaker are working; it's always possible that a breaker is faulty. (MORE)
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Does working out stop growth?

No, it does not stop growth because when i was in 5th grade and a math teacher came in and my teacher had learn new things too. So working does not stop growth and learning he (MORE)

Did the Netflix servers just stop working?

I would doubt anyone would be able to answer your question because we don't know the exact time that your Netflix servers stopped working. Not many people might have been watc (MORE)