Tagalog term for airplane?

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Airplane Fuselage

When it comes to transportation, the invention of flight may have been the most life changing technological innovation. It has definitely made it possible to bring everyone a (MORE)
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5 Reasons to Use Air Plane Mode on an iPhone

Found in the settings, the iPhone airplane mode is an on/off switch that allows you to turn off all signals going to and from your phone. This allows you keep your phone power (MORE)

Essential Tips for Bringing Your Baby on an Airplane

Traveling is often exhausting and difficult. Adding a baby into the equation sometimes seems impossible, but it isn't. These essential tips make airplane travel with your baby (MORE)
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Understanding the Basics of RC Airplane Control

RC aircraft are hobby planes that fliers operate from the ground using a radio remote control. These planes have three movable parts, controlled by servos that move the plane (MORE)
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Wings and Flying Things: How the Airplane Wing Developed

In the past century, the world has seemed to shrink by a remarkable amount. Trips across entire oceans that used to take weeks or even months by boat can now be completed in a (MORE)

How long is the Tagalog term dangkal?

  Span n. 1 the distance between the tip of a mans thumb and the tip of his little finger when the hand is spread out, about 9 inches: dangkal 2 a short period of time: ma (MORE)