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Talambuhay ni Andres bonifacio?

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andres bonifacio was born in tondo,manila on november 30,1863.he came from an impoverished family.his parents were santiago bonifacio and catalina de castro. he was orpahaned at age of fourteen.because of poverty,he was forced to stop schooling to take care of his siblings.the young andres sold fans and canes that he and his siblings made.he soldposters in offices.he became messenger and salesman.he even worked in a warehouse.during his freetime,he would passionately read books about the conditions of filipinos.he taught himself how to read and speak in tagalog and spanish.andreswas killed at mount buntis on May,10,1897.he is known as the father of the katipunan.
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Si Andres Bonifacio ay ipinanganak noong ika-30 ng Nobyembre, 1863. Ang kanyang mga magulang ay sina Santiago Bonifacio at Catalina de Castro. Nakatapos siya sa mababang paar

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Si Andres Bonifacio ay ipinanganak sa Tondo, Maynila noong ika - 30 ng Nobyembre, 1863. Nabbilang sa anak - pawis si Andres Bonifacio. Nang siya ay bata pa, tumuloong siyang b