Talambuhay ni melchora Aquino?

She is a very kind woman.
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How old is Melchora Aquino?

Melchora Aquino was born on January 6, 1812 and died on March 2, 1919. Melchora Aquino would have been 107 years old at the time of death or 203 years old today.

Talambuhay ni Helen Keller?

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. She  was the first person who was both deaf and blind to earn a bachelor  of arts degree. She was an author, l (MORE)

Talambuhay ni NVM Gonzales?

He was born on 8 September 1915 in Romblon, Philippines. González, however, was raised in Calapan City, the capital of the Philippine province of Oriental Mindoro. González (MORE)
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Talambuhay ni Cory Aquino?

August 1, 2009 Former Philippine President Corazon Aquino, icon of people power in the Philippines and around the world, passed away at 3:18 am Saturday, her son, Senator Beni (MORE)

Contributions of melchora Aquino?

she is the lady that became the doctor of the wounded revolutionaries and feeding them. her house was also the secret place were the katipuneros held their secret meeting. she (MORE)

Talambuhay ni corazon c Aquino?

Talambuhay ni Presidente Corazon C. AquinoSi Corazon C. Aquino na kilala bilang Cory Aquino ay ang ikalabing-isang pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas at kauna-unahang babaeng p (MORE)