Tarkett Sommer AG carpet tile tecsom trying to trace previously installed carpet tile medium blue details as above on tile backing?

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Tarkett is now known as Enia. If you search this you should find the tile.
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How much does a carpet layer or tile installer make?

First of all - installers are paid per sq/ft and rates depend on the product they're installing. I've been an installer for 10 years and I've never earned less than 75,000 a year. and I know guys that earn 150,000 a year. 10-20% goes to supplies. and the guys that make 150,000 a year often have one (MORE)

Why is carpet better than tiles?

\nCheaper to install and has insulating features for heating, cooling and sound. Easier to change if you get tired of the pattern.

What is a tile installer?

A tile installer is a laborer who installs tile. This can beceramic or linoleum or some other form of tile

Can interlocking floor tiles be installed over carpet?

Interlocking floor tiles are not preferable used over carpet. The best surface to lay tile or any other flooring product is on a firm and solid surface that out give. Carpet goes down when you step on and makes it so the interlocking tiles will eventually come unlocked by stepping on it. I would not (MORE)

How do you clean carpet tiles?

I was once told passing a damp mop over a carpet clean as well as a vaccum cleaner. I never believed it until i tried. It rubs off trapped dust, brushes off bits of larger particles and gives a better smell to the carpet. However, I don`t know if this method,used on carpet tiles, would give the same (MORE)

What is better tile or carpet?

Tile is better for 'wet' areas (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, entranceway) but carpet is better for 'dry' areas (dining room, lounge/living room, bedrooms, hallways).

Can you lay carpet tiles over outdoor carpet?

It is possible to do but not a recommended practice Carpet tiles are designed to be installed over a stable surface. Even if you use one of the solvent based outdoor adhesives there will be some movement of one carpet against the other. This abrading will result in premature separation of the lay (MORE)

Can you install carpet on ceramic floor tile?

We have installed carpet on cermic a few times. Please be aware your grout lines will most likely show through into the carpet. The best option is to stretch the new carpet in over cushion. In order to do this the tackstip will need to be glued to the existing ceramic. Keep in mind you will want (MORE)

Can you Replace new carpet over carpet tiles?

not something you really want to do will be a big mess easier to pull them up then put the new carpet down so you have some concrete or plywood to put the glue on will be hard work to pull the tiles up but your new carpet will stay down longer

Do African houses have carpet or tiles?

It depends on where the house is and who own it. In the northern Arabic areas tile is common. But most people in Africa are poor and floors are compounded dirt. Wealthier people can afford whatever they want

How do I fold over carpet to meet with my tile edging?

I don't think folding is the right way to approach this transition. My carpet has a tack strip installed next to the tile and the carpet is cut so it lays right next to the tile edge. The tack strip holds it secure. There are also different joint transition trim pieces you can use if the height vari (MORE)

Is it cheaper to tile or carpet the classroom floor?

It depends on what carpet or tile you're using. However as a teacher, my experience is, as far as efficiency and maintenance, tile is a much better option. It's much easier to keep clean and more sanitary.

Can you tile over kitchen carpet?

Not really...for tile to be properly set it must be on a hard surface. A carpeted surface will not provide the hard surface needed for tile to properly bond.

What can you use to stick down carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are moderatly high tech flooring, the install instructions are available from the manufacturer & that will include the allowable & recommended adhesives. Without any specifics, I can tell you that almost all recommend a "Pressure sensitive" adhesive, rolled on with a paint roller & al (MORE)

What is the best way to transition carpet to tile?

Some personal opinion here. I like the look of a nicely finished edge, without metal. There are aluminum trim & transition strips that make a nice fabricated edge, you can see them at any flooring store. As an old flooring installer in my younger days we were trained to turn & tack transitions a (MORE)

Why does a marble roll further on a tiled floor than a carpet?

There is more friction on the carpet than on the tiled floor. Friction is a force that causes objects to slow down when moving. It occurs everywhere whilst driving, riding a bike and rolling a marble. On a carpet there is a larger surface area for the marble to rub against and this increases the a (MORE)

How many carpet tiles would you need for a 14x14 room?

If the carpet tiles you are using are the standard 12" square, then multiple your length and width to get the square footage. In this case your room would need a minimum of 196 tiles. CHeck the box for pattern repeat and remember to add tiles for damage and waste.

What is the average price for carpet tiles?

An average price for carpet tiles is difficult to pinpoint. It would depend on the quality of the tiles, which merchant you buy it from--so many factors are involved. I have seen prices as low as 1.49 from a discount store to over $4.00 at a brand name store .

Are carpet tiles self adhesive?

Yes most carpet tiles available on the market are self adhesive or as the manufacturer's say "self-stick" tiles. They come in a great variety of colors and styles.

How do you remove old carpet tiles?

Use a thin blade - we used a wall paper scraper - to lift one corner. Once you have done that, grab the tile and pull. the wallpaper scraper also comes in useful in scraping off the leftover adhesive from the surface underneath the tiles.

How much does it cost to remove carpet tiles?

It varies greatly from product to product and from market to market. The best way to get an answer is to put an ad on Craigslist telling what you want installed, the more detail you can give the better the quote will be... ie.. "3/4 inch, unfinished oak hardwood over wood subfloor, new const (MORE)

Where might one find Heuga brand carpet tiles?

There are plenty of places where one is able to find out Heuga brand carpet tiles such as a store or a web site. However, Heuga brand carpet title showroom has a large display area where one can see brands of carpet titles such as Heuga, Interface, Burmatex, Desso and many more brands of carpet titl (MORE)

Where can one find carpet tiles discounts?

One can find carpet tiles discounts from the following sources: Discount Carpet Tiles, Carpet Tiles Solutions, Amazon, Owen Carpets, Focus Floors, Carpet Wholesale, Caldwell Carpet.