Tell the kvpy syllabus for 11th class?

Please give me some information about syllabus of KVPY so that i can well prepare for it
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What is log in maths for 11th class?

Log is the denotation of logarithm. When you see x=log5(6), this means that 5x=6. So basically, it means "what power can you raise 5 to in order to get 6?" Normally, the answe (MORE)

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Consumer Awareness - Project for class 11th?

If you're looking for Consumer Awareness Project, you can find the  PPT with questionnaire in it..    to get it, click this link (MORE)

Which stream is best for 11th CBSE class?

  Three main streams available after Xth are Science, Commerce and Arts. There are also many polytechnic and ITI courses which are considered of professional value. Below (MORE)
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Can you tell the chemical preparation of soap for class 11th chemistry project?

Objective: To prepare soap by alkaline hydrolysis (saponification) of natural fats and testsome of the chemical properties and cleansing power of soap relative to detergent.In (MORE)
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It can be difficult to know what you want to do for a living. You may start out in one career that seems satisfying and ultimately find yourself longing for something differen (MORE)
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Getting a Medical Certification

Healthcare has grown significantly over the years. The increasing demand for medical professionals extends far beyond nurses and doctors. Medical certificate programs help to (MORE)