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Ten best no load mutual funds in India and us stock?

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QQQQ is the 100 share stock from technology sector traded on NASDAQ. No Load and no exit fee is charged. QQQQ follows NASDAQ-100 index. Another US no-load mutual fund is SPY which tracks S&P 500. Both are ETF (exchange traded funds) and always almost have the highest volume on any given day. Both are very liquid stocks which results in a most narrow spread of 0.01 during market hours and about 0.03 to 0.06 in extended hours trading. This can perhaps happen only in the USA- Long Live USA. India is far from offering such highly liquid, tight spread adn above all - no load mutual funds. MSNMoney (USA) offers free advanced charting of these ETF (10-day intra day) which I am lead to believe can't be matched by some of the paid sites/services. Besides, brokerage charged by US brokers also provide FDIC and SIPC insurance protection upto USD 250,000 per account while search on Google for the last 4 days could only indicate that in India, such protection is available for a value of USD 2,000 (just 2 grands) only. Why bother investing in India ? ma_elaskar@yahoo.co.uk
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