The Constitution set up three branches of government the executive legislative and judicial branches This division is called what?

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The Branches of Congress

How does the Executive Branch check the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch?

The Executive Branch (The governor). If Congress passes abill (ate booty) that the President opposes, he/she can write theword "Veto" on the bill and send it back to Congress. (The word"veto" means, "I agree.") The Executive Branch checks the Judicial Branch by choosing whichjudges are able to se (MORE)

How does the Judicial Branch check the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch?

Answer The US Judicial branch, or the federal court system, uses judicial review to declare actions by the President or Congress to be invalid if they are contrary to the Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and no presidential act or congressional laws may conflict wit (MORE)

Can the legislative branch check on th executive and judicial branches of government?

Yes, all of the branches can check the other two branches. The legislative can check the executive by overruling a veto with a 2/3 vote. It can also remove a President through impeachment. Plus, the Senate approves treaties and presidential appointments. . The legislative branch can check the judi (MORE)

How does the Executive Branch check the power of the Legislative and Judicial Branches?

The Executive Branch (The President). If Congress passes a bill (proposed law) that the President opposes, he/she can write the word "Veto" on the bill and send it back to Congress. (The word "veto" means, "I forbid.") The president may call Congress into special session "on extraordinary occas (MORE)

What are the responsibilities of the Legislative Branch the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch?

The Legislative branch makes the laws (In more detail) Legislature is a type of representative deliberative assembly with the power to create, amend, and change laws.The law created by a legislature is called legislation or statutory law. Legislatures are known by many names, the most common bein (MORE)

How does the executive branch judicial branch and legislative branch work together?

Checks and balances is important to check the constution and make sure that the president makes the right law. When the president makes a law people can check whether it fits the constution and if it is helpful to the citizen. When there is no judicial branch no one can check the constution. When th (MORE)

How does the Legislative Branch check the power of the Executive and Judicial Branches?

A Legislative 'check' against the Judicial Branch is that Federal Judges are confirmed (become seated Judges) by the Senate. Another is not exactly a check but, if the Federal Courts strike-down a law (invalidate it by finding that it is not Constitutional) Congress can recreate and pass a similar l (MORE)

How can the judicial branch check the powers of the executive and legislative branches?

The judicial branch has powers to interpret laws, or regulations or other actions of the executive branch, or to declare them unconstitutional. It serves as a "check" on the executive by having the power to interpret the law differently than the executive, and having that interpretation supercede th (MORE)

What division set up the three branches of government?

There is no concrete "divsion" which established the three branches of government (legislative, executive, judicial). It was just a decision. The model is based largely on the political theory/analysis of Baron de Montesquieu, but it was really just an abritrary invention.. It could have just as ea (MORE)

How does the executive branch check the legislative branch and the judicial branc?

The executive branch checks the judicial branch by choosing which judges are able to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. The President chooses who becomes a Justice of the Supreme Court. The President is also able to veto bills proposed by Congress if he disagrees with it. The judicial branch has the (MORE)

How does the Judicial Branch check the Legislative and the Executive Branches?

The Judicial Branch uses judicial review to evaluate Acts of Congress and Presidential Executive Orders to determine if they adhere to constitutional principles. This power is not unlimited. No court can consider the constitutionality of a law unless the law is a relevant part of a "case or contro (MORE)

Can the judicial branch check out the legislative and executive branches?

Yes the judicial branch can check out the other two branches by the use of declaring laws unconstitutional. A law that is declared unconstitutional it automatically deemed died because it can not go into effect, even if the president and congress approved it the supreme court can reject it if it d (MORE)

Are the executive and legislative branches of government coequal?

They are supposed to be but over the years, the executive branch has usurped (stolen) powers that do not Constitutionally belong to it. And Congress has cooperated. That's why we are in real danger of becoming a dictatorship just as happened to the formerly free republic of Germany when the Nazi's (MORE)

What are the checks the executive and legislative branch has on the judicial branch?

Executive's checks - Nominating power, Presidential Pardon All members to the federal judiciary must be nominated by the President first, so the executive has say as to who is able to serve in federal courts. In addition, the President holds the discretion to pardon individuals charged with (MORE)