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The Punic Wars were a conflict between Rome and what other ancient city state?

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Rome versus Carthage (now in Tunisia).
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Why did Carthage lose the Punic Wars to ancient Rome?

The First - because Rome developed a navy to match Carthage's, and used devices such as the Harpax - a missile which was a grappling hook, allowing Roman ships to reel in oppo

How many Punic Wars did Rome win?

  There waere three Punic Wars, Rome won all three and after the final one destroyed Carthage and sold its inhabitants into slavery so there would be no fourth war.

What was the significance of the Punic Wars to Rome?

The war was fought between Rome and Carthage. Basically, the 3 wars  resulted in the destruction of Carthage and the Romans gained the  territories of Sicily, Sardinia, Cors

The city that Rome fought in the Punic Wars was?

Rome fought Carthage in all of the three Punic Wars. Rome and  Carthage fought over rising conflicts between the Carthaginian  Empire and the Republic of Rome. Rome's win ov

Why was the city-state of Carthage a threat to ancient Rome?

Originally Carthage and Rome were allies, especially against the invasion of Pyrrhus of Epirus when he tried to defeat Rome and take over Sicily. This alliance was based on Ro

The city that Rome fought against in the Punic Wars was?

During the First, Second and Third Punic Wars, the Roman Republic  fought the city of Carthage and its surrounding territories.   Ancient Carthage was founded by sea fari

Did the punic wars widen the gap between the wealthy and the poor in rome?

Under Roman law, anything which could be held for a year without challenge could be kept. While the soldiers were away during extended wars, they were not able to challenge th

What areas did rome control after the punic war?

After the First Punic War, Rome took over the Carthaginian territories in western Sicily and controlled the whole of Sicily and the small islands around it. She also took adva