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The Punic Wars were a conflict between Rome and what other ancient city state?

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Rome versus Carthage (now in Tunisia).
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The city that Rome fought in the Punic Wars was?

Rome fought Carthage in all of the three Punic Wars. Rome andCarthage fought over rising conflicts between the CarthaginianEmpire and the Republic of Rome. Rome's win over Car

Why did Carthage lose the Punic Wars to ancient Rome?

The First - because Rome developed a navy to match Carthage's, and used devices such as the Harpax - a missile which was a grappling hook, allowing Roman ships to reel in oppo

The city that Rome fought against in the Punic Wars was?

During the First, Second and Third Punic Wars, the Roman Republicfought the city of Carthage and its surrounding territories. Ancient Carthage was founded by sea faring Phoeni

Why did Ancient Rome have Punic wars?

Rome and Carthage sought to have hegemony throughout the Mediterranean area for mostly commercial interests .

Did the second Punic war capture the city of Rome?

The Carthaginian general Hannibal during the Second Punic War never captured the city of Rome . Rome was never even besieged by Carthaginian forces as they did not have a seig