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desired traits in offspring
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What is selective breeding?

Selective breeding is the process in which two animals from the  same species reproduce due to useful characteristics. Two animals  with a certain type of characteristic are

Benefits of selective breeding?

One of the benefits of selective breeding is being able to increase  favorable characteristics. Another benefit is lessening the chance  of defects.

Selective breeding and natural selection?

Selective breeding is when a species is purposely breed to have certain characteristics. Ex. lots of dogs are breed to have a shiny coat, of a certain color of fur etc. Natura

What breeds are made from selective breeding?

all breeds of animal can be selective breed DaveScriv added: Indeed all breeds of domestic livestock were created by selective breeding, although it looks more obvious on some

Selective breeding what is it?

its when you take a desirable trait to produce a certain kind of offspring. like making bigger sweeter strawberries or making horses faster.

What is selected breeding?

Selective breeding in domesticated animals is the process of a breeder developing a cultivated breed over time, and selecting qualities within individuals of the breed that wi

What is a selective incentive or selective benefit?

Selective incentive: Benefits that ca motivate participation in a group effort because they are available only to those who participate, such as member services offered by int

What are the benefits of breeding?

Breeding enables a particular species to produce offspring so that it does not become extinct. Breeding also enables a species to better evolve and adapt according to its surr
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Does selective breeding benefit farmers?

Selective breeding can provide a preferred quality of food for the farmer. This means that the food produced will be preferred by customers, resulting in a larger sale and pro