The biggest nino que tiene nalgas?

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el Quinn foon nd chonchis r really really bigg man
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What does que tiene mean?

"Que tiene" in Spanish translated to "what he/she/it has/you have" "Tiene" is the he/she/it/you(formal) conjugation of the Spanish verb "tener" which means "to have", there

What is the translation for que tienes?

If it's written like this:. ¿Qué tienes? it's a question and means "What do you have?". If it's in the middle of a sentence, like this:. ...que tienes... it means "..

How do you say Que tienes in English?

Literally translated, "Que tienes" is "what you have" or "that you have" It is often used in slang speech to mean "What's your problem?" For example if a friend comes in

What is que tienes que escribir in English?

Qué means what. Que without the accent on the 'e' can mean "to" or"that". Tienes is the present tense "you" form of the verb tener, whichmeans to have. Escribir is to write

What does tienes que escribes mean?

"Tienes que escribes" is not good grammar. "¿Tienes lo que escribes?" would mean "Do you have what you're writing?", perhaps to ask if someone's taking down all the notes o