The four types of chromosomal mutations?

There are four basic types of point mutations that can occur:

Substitution: This kind of mutation switches with another base to create an irregular sequence.

Insertion: This kind of mutation involves the insertion of an extra base to the sequence.

Deletion: This kind of mutation deletes or loses one of the bases in the sequence.

Frameshifts: This kind of mutation is where a sequence has an insertion or deletion, altering it. Since the sequence is divided into three bases to each section, which are called codons, the insertion or deletion of one of the bases can alter the codons completely, creating a different sequence, known as a frameshift.

Those are the four basic types of point mutations, however there are other known mutations.
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What do the four types of chromosomal mutations do?

The four types of chromosomal mutation are deletion, duplication, inversion and trasnlocation. Deletion is the loss of all or part of a chromosome. Duplication is where a segm (MORE)

Four types of alterations of chromosome structure?

  The four types of alterations of chromosome structure are deletion, duplication, inversion, and reciprocal translocation. Deletion is the loss of one or more nucleotides (MORE)
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What are the 5 types of chromosome mutations?

1. Duplication - Where a portion of a chromosome is duplicated, resulting in multiple copies of the region. 2. Deletions - When a deletion of a nucleotide (nitrogen bases of a (MORE)
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What type of mutation is a point mutation?

A point mutation is when 1 base pair is swapped out for another one... so instead of an A you might find a C... or T... or G. Also an insertion or deletion of a base pair A (MORE)

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