The indirect election plan used to elect the president?

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Electoral college.
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Who elects president of the US?

That depends. Most of the time it is the U.S. population through the electoral college that decides who is president. In the event of an indecision it is congresses constituti

What does Barack Obama plan to do with his first 90 days in office if elected as US president?

Domestic Policy: Raise taxes on all businesses, including small business, upper middle class and wealthy individuals. Raise the capital gains tax. Raise the minimum wage to ap

What is an indirect election?

the electoral community for the President's post consists of Members of both of Houses of Parliaments n legislative assembly members of all the state. The votes for MP's have

What is Obama planning to do if elected president?

Obama is going to help middle class people live. Bush was giving tax breaks to people making over $1 million dollars. Obama is going to give middle class people making under $