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The internal energy of an ideal gas depends on?

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internal energy of an ideal gas is a function of its temprature only, according to joule's law
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What is an ideal gas?

A substance whose molecules do not take up space or interact with one another. PV = nRT The Ideal Gas Law is the chemistry law that combines the other gas laws (Charles's La

Why is the internal energy of an ideal gas is proportional to its temperature?

To prove this, we will have to use 3 equations, 2 of them related to ideal gases: (i) pV = nRT (ii) p = 1/3 d (iii) Ek = 1/2 mv2 First of all, an ideal gas has no intermolecu

The internal resistance of an ideal ammeter?

0. An ammeter is placed in series with the circuit in question; if its' internal resistance is high, it will change the current flow, thus making the measurement meaningless.