The layers of the earths atmosphere from top to bottom are the?

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In descending order: exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, troposphere.
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What layer of the atmosphere is closest to earth?

The Troposphere is nearest and extends from the surface of the earth to approximately 10 thousand metres above the surface. This explains why the air is described as being 'thin' when at the top of some of the highest mountains of the World. Hope this helps.

Why is the thermosphere the hottest layer of the Earths atmosphere?

The thermosphere is the highest layer that contains enough molecules (notably oxygen) to absorb thermal energy from sunlight. Although it is technically very hot, it is also nearly a vacuum by atmospheric standards, which means very little energy can actually be transferred. Most orbital space fli (MORE)

Is the Arctic at the top or bottom of earth?

Arctic is at the top, at the North Pole. . Antarctic is at the bottom, at the South Pole. Remember this is just the way we've chosen to draw our maps, with North at the top.

From earth to space what are the layers of the atmosphere?

The layers of the atmosphere are thetroposhphere where most of the weather occurs and this is the layer we live on. The stratospher is the layer that contains thes ozone and 19% of the gasses. The moseospher is the thirs layer and is the coldest plus meteors burn up in this layer. The thermospher is (MORE)

Six soil layers from top to bottom?

Orders Orders are the highest category of soil classification. Order types end in the letters sol. In the US classification system, there are 10 orders: [24] . Entisol - recently formed soils that lack well-developed horizons. Commonly found on unconsolidated sediments like sand, some have an A (MORE)

What is the thinnest layer of earths atmosphere?

The atmosphere layer that is thinnest in size is the upper layer, the exosphere. 1. The troposphere is the first layer above the surface and contains half of the Earth's atmosphere. Weather occurs in this layer. 2. Many jet aircrafts fly in the stratosphere because it is very stable. Also, the (MORE)

How many layers does earths atmosphere have?

I think there are 5 layers in our atmosphere; It is thickest near the surface and thins out with height until it eventually merges with space. . The troposphere is the first layer above the surface and contains half of the Earth's atmosphere. Weather occurs in this layer. . Many jet air crafts (MORE)

What First layer of Earth atmosphere?

That depends on what you mean by the "first" layer.\n. \nThe lowest layer (the first off the ground) is the Troposphere.\n. \nThe highest layer (the first coming in from space) is the Exosphere.

What layer in your atmosphere shields life on Earth?

The ozone layer (molecular formula O3) filters out most of the UV-A and UV-B rays which can harm organisms by damaging DNA within their cells. This layer is mainly in the stratosphere which is 10-50km above the earth's surface where the conditions persist which allow ozone to be formed. If you broug (MORE)

What are the 4 layers of Earths atmosphere?

They are best known as; Troposphere, Stratosphere, (normally considered as under the ozone layer), Mesosphere, and, normally 'Thermosphere'. That is however rather old 'science', as the definable layers continue to the 'Exosphere' layers, or Ionosphere and Plasmasphere, which are part of the Magnet (MORE)

What are the earths eight layers of atmosphere?

The most widely used analysis of Earth's atmosphere is into five layers. From the surface of the planet out into space, they are: Troposphere - from the surface to between 7 and 17 km (depending on latitude) Stratosphere - Tropospheric boundary to about 50 km Mesosphere - ~50 km to ~85 km Ther (MORE)

What is the layer of earth containing the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is defined as the mixture of air above the earth's surface, all the way to space. There are different layers of the atmosphere, defined in different ways (for example, composition, temperature characteristics, etc.). The troposphere is the layer closest to the earth.

How is the earths atmosphere separated into layers?

The earth's atmosphere is separated into 4 main layers: . The troposphere, . The statosphere, . The mesosphere and . The thermosphere The Troposphere: The layer of the atmosphere closest to the Earth's surface, extending up to about 10-15 km above the Earth's surface. It contains 75% of the (MORE)

Why are the more denser layers of the earth at the bottom?

The weight of the matter that that makes up the lower 'layers' is held down by gravity. Also causing air pressure, hence compression. Inside the earth extreme heat and pressure makes it more dense which can cause nucleation and crystal growth

What are the different layers of earth atmosphere?

The four layers that constitute the earths atmosphere in order from space to the earths surface are as follows: Inosphere (aka. Aurora) @ 350km, Mesosphere @ 90-350km, Stratosphere @ 50-90km, and Troposhere @18-50km. It's composition is 79% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen, and 1% other gases.