The Lion King 2 lions names?

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The names are Simba, Kiara, Nala, Kovu, Zira, Vitani, and Nuka.
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Where would you get Lion King 2?

you can look at any store that sells dvd's or shop online at they have a few DVD online stores listed

What are the meanings of the Lion King names?

Simba is Swahili for "Lion" Mufasa means "King" in the Manazoto language Pumbaa is Swahli for "simpleton" Timon has no Swahili meaning, although in Greek, his name means "He who respects" Rafiki is Swahili for "My friend" Shenzi, the female hyena is Swahili for "savage" Banzai's name in (MORE)

Lion king 2 scar's sons name?

No! scar did not have any cubs kovu was hand chosen by scar to be king after scar died. but it would have never happened because simba came back. aswell for vitani and nuka. their not related in any way. im guessing that scar and zira had a tight bond like best friends. but zira wasnt featured in an (MORE)

What is the name of the monkey from The Lion King?

== Rafiki, the baboon. He is wise, comical, eccentric and very spiritual. He encourages Simba to go back to the Pridelands to save the lionesses from starvation. (And he also hits Simba on the head, to remind him of who he truly is.)

In the movie Lion King 2 what is simba's girlfriend's name?

Kiara. Simba & Nala are BOTH alive in this movie. Actually, Kiara was the daughter of Simba and Nala. Also, in the Lion King 2, Simba and Nala are more then just "boyfriend and girlfriend," and it is implied that they are married, as Simba is king, and Nala is his queen.

What were the hyenas in The Lion King named?

Banzai --male, sort of intelligent, always cracking stupid jokes Shenzi--female, leader, most intelligent Ed--male, very stupid, the laughingstock of the three All the hyenas joined Scar when he tried to take over the Pride Lands

What is the name of the lion in Lion King?

Depends on which lion you are referring to: . Simba - the main character . Mufasa - Simba's father and Scar's older brother . Scar - Simba's uncle and Mufasa's younger brother; the central villain . Nala - Simba's childhood friend and eventual mate . Sarabi - Simba's mother and Mufasa's mate (MORE)

What is the evil lions name in Lion King?

Scar. It likely is not his birth name, but is his only canon name and only official name by Disney itself. His actual name is Taka.. There are TLK books but they are well out of my budget. That's his name in the books though, it's called 'A Tale of Two Brothers'

What were the names of the female lions in The Lion King?

The only lionesses that are named in The Lion King are Nala, Sarabi, and Sarafina. Nala is Simba's friend. Sarabi is Simba's mother, and Mufasa's mate. The movie doesn't tell what Nala's mom's name is, but the end credits states her name is Sarafina.

When is Lion King 2 coming out?

it has allready came out type in lion king2 on youtube .com and watch it when will lion king3 and 4 comeout please let me know.

Name of two lions in Lion King?

The lion characters are: The Lion King I: Simba, Mufasa, Sarabi, Sarafina, Nala, and Scar. The Lion King II: Kiara, Nala, Simba, Zira, Vitani and Nuka.

What leader's name was Lion King?

in the 13th legacy the tribe leader know as gibachi hang was elected as the lion king when he had fought off a lion from killing a baby

What are the names of the two lions in the Lion King?

There are more than two lions in The Lion King so whichever two do you mean is unclear, so to answer the question, here are all the official lion characters from the official The Lion King which is the movie universe only. The names and who they are in the films: The Lion King: Simba (the prin (MORE)

Who is kopa in the Lion King 2?

Kopa was not in The Lion King 2 at all as he is not an official The Lion King character. He is Simba and Nala's son, a character in a profit fanfiction book series called "The Lion King: Six New Adventures". Disney ignored this fanfiction by never refering to Kopa in that movie sequel and by confirm (MORE)

Girl names in the Lion King?

The Lion King: Nala (Simba's childhood friend) Sabari (Simba's Mother) I don't think the Movie ever tells you what Nala's Mother name is. Shenzi (Sp? The female Hyena) The Lion King 1 1/2 I don't the Movie tells you Timon's Mother name And the same characters as above (Nala, Sabari, Sh (MORE)

Lion king 2 scars sons name?

It is implied that Nuka could be Scar's son as he remarks "Kovu, Kovu, Kovu. Scar wasn't even his father", but it was never officially said in the film nor did The Lion King II filmmakers confirmed that he is. Kovu, on the other hand, is not Scar's biological son, as it is said that he isn't twice (MORE)

Where can you download The Lion King 2?

Downloading is illegal. I encourage you not to do it. You can either buy the DVD from E-bay,, or any other retail website as the movie is unavailable in stores at this current time. Or you can just wait until the movie is rereleased in retail stores again. Disney is re-releasing The Lion (MORE)

What is the name of the hero in the Lion King?

In the Lion King, the main hero's name is Simba. The story followsthe journey of how Simba becomes the king of his tribe afterSimba's father is killed by his uncle Scar. Simba runs away fromthe pride and learns what it takes to become a true king andreturns to avenge his father's death.

What do the names from Lion King 1 and 2 mean?

Simba: Lion Nala: Gift Mufasa: King (Manazoto language) Scar : No meaning, although his real name is said to be Taka meaning "want, waste". Timon : derives from the Greek word, Timothy meaning "honoring God" Pumbaa : Foolish, Silly Rafiki: Friend, Comrade Zazu : Movem (MORE)

Were can you download the Lion King 2?

Downloading is illegal. Don't do it. Boy the legal DVD from E-bay, Amazon or other such webstote, or try to find it from some second-hand store. Or just wait until it hits the normal (not web) stores again. Disney always re-releases their classics and sequels sooner or later.

What are the names of the chapters in the Lion King?

The Lion King isn't a book, so it doesn't have any chapters. However, there are three films of the Lion King film series, the first being The Lion King , the second being The Lion King II: Simba's Pride , and the third being The Lion King 1½.

What is the cub in The Lion King name?

If refering to the cub at the end of The Lion King movie, it's most officially called "Fluffy" and it has no gender nor real name. Hence the commentary track of the film on which the producer and directors of the film talk about the cub. But, the only official movie sequel blended "Fluffy" with Ki (MORE)

What is the plot of Lion King 2?

Why don't you look it up from Disney's official web site, or or from the description of any DVD item sold in a web store.

Is Sarabi in ''The Lion King 2''?

No. It is assumed that Sarabi has died of old age. It has also beensaid that Sarabi's voice actor passed, so Disney didn't have her inthe 2nd Lion King.

What do the names in the Lion King 2 mean?

The meanings of the name from llion king2 are: Simba-It means lion in African language Swahili Nala-In Swahili,the meaning is "gift" Kiara-clear,bright,famous in Latin&Italian. But it means "black" in Irish Kovu-"Scar" in Kiswahili Zira-"Hate" in Swahili Nuka-"stink" in Swahili Vitani-"Vita" means (MORE)

Is Scar in ''Lion King 2''?

No, he is dead. At the end of the first Lion King, the hyenas kill Scar because he blamed the hyenas for all his falsehoods.

What is the theme of Lion King 2?

That "we are one". As in that different looks and how we came here doesn't matter, and how prejudice and war is not the way to go - but that we should try living together helping and supporting each other, because deep inside we are all the same. From the movie, Simba's song ("We Are One") to his (MORE)

What happen in Lion King 2?

It starts with Simba's baby daughter Kiara being blessed and presented to the Pridelands. Then after grown a little older, Kiara wanders near Pridelands' borders, close to the Outlands to where Simba had previously exiled Scar's followers for their loyalty to Scar. Kiara stumbles across a young male (MORE)

Is Rafiki in Lion King 2?

\n. \n. Yes \n. \n. He help out Musfana to ensure peace with priderock and the outsiders and made Kiara and Kovu love for each other powerful!. \n. \n. Source:The Lion King 2:Simba Pride's \n. \n. By:Eliesyn Velez \n. \n. Remember I love the lion king! \n.