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It means a woman who does not have to work for a living, either because she has a rich benefactor who gives her money, or because she has inherited money .
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What does ladies in waiting mean?

In a Royal or noble household the female members of the household would have Ladies in Waiting as assistants to help them to dress, handle their diary and deal with correspondence.. They were usually from a noble household themselves and were treated much better than the other, common servants of t (MORE)

What does Lady Antebellum mean?

"We got together, you know, as just songwriters. Became friends and started writing songs. And we wanted to put up a MySpace page. So we wanted to take pictures to put on MySpace to get people's attention, and we ended up going out outside of Nashville to this little town. It's this historic town ca (MORE)

Meaning of Life and leisure?

the meaning of life is oh sorry i have to go. maybe ill tell you if i ever see you stupid vank 8==D. 9/11 ha its actually 11/9 if you said it right stupid yanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inner meaning of the poem LEISURE?

In the poem leisure,the poet W.H.Davies wanted on emphasis on life which is full of care,that means full of worry and anxiety,due to which we don't even get time to spend some time on the lap of nature and appreciate its excellent beauty. In this world of rat race, we have no time to stand silently (MORE)

What do the colors mean on a lady bug?

Different species have different colors and different numbers of spots.Most commonly a lady bug is red with black spots. The second most common would be an orange-yellow with black spots.

Is Lady Gaga mean?

sometimes only if there mean to her first any one would do that though. she comes off mean, but she usually is just keeping it real.

What does leisure tourism means?

Leisure tourism is tourism for a purpose other than business. One visiting another place for their own entertainment or other benefit would be participating in leisure tourism.

What does ole lady mean?

"Ole lady" comes from the Ancient Nordic "Uldelaarden", meaning battleaxe forged from the fires of Valhalla. Nowadays, the Ole lady is a ceremonial instrument used in countries such as Finland and Sweden, often used to circumcise adolescent females as a rite of passage.

What do painted lady butterflies do for leisure?

well i found a painted lady in my garden and if you don't believe me I'll even tell you of all the colours its got on it: a pale orange, orange, black and brown. I've got it right this moment on a book, it is so pretty i just cant believe that this creature is in my house on a insect book

What is the meaning of teeth by Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga's "Teeth" has two connatations. The first is that its a song about oral sex. I.E. "take a bite of my bad girl meat." Also, it is her fear of the truth monster. In an interview with MTV, Gaga stated that she often replaces the truth with sex in a relationship. That even if a guy is a total (MORE)

What does junk as in a ladies junk mean?

The slang term "junk" can mean a couple of things when used to describe women. It could be a reference to her intimate parts, her vulva, or her vagina. However, these days, the term seems to refer to fat, particularly in the buttocks. The term "junk in the trunk" refers to having large buttocks.

What does the slang Dragon Lady mean?

A dragon lady is a domineering woman, one who makes you think she's more like the mythical beast. The term and concept (not to mention the tendency to ascribe it more often to Asian women) come from an Asian villainess called the Dragon Lady who appeared in a popular mid-20th-century comic strip (MORE)

What does the phrase 'ladies a plate' mean?

I asked our local librarian and historian here in Vermont, Dwayne Densmore, and he said it's from a New Zealand traditional luncheon where each Lady brings a plate. Meaning thus "Ladies, a plate." It's like a pot luck dinner.

What does lady gaga's alejandro mean?

I think that the song means that She's in love with a man, who's in love with another man, but she's leaving them and their screwed up ways behind. She doesn't want to be controlled by her emotions for Alejandro. She doesn't want Alejandro who wants Fernando, who reminds her of Roberto (her ex befor (MORE)

What is meaning of sales lady?

A sales lady is a female who works at a retail store, assistingcustomers by answering questions and helping them find the itemsthey're looking for.

What does arts and leisure mean?

First of all, Leisure means freedom from the demandsof work and duty and second of all arts mean The products of human creativity; works of art collectively This is by julie anne dela cruz

What does Lady Gaga mean with Judas?

She loves Jesus, but she chooses the wrong person. She means she's too in love with the person that she does choose the wrong person. Demon over god. ^ Not ture... Although using biblical metaphors, it's giving out the following message: Jesus, the good guy, is the one shes with and WANTS to love, (MORE)

Who wooed in haste and means to wed in leisure?

Taming of The Shrew by William Shakespeare KATHERINA: No shame but mine: I must, forsooth, be forced To give my hand opposed against my heart Unto a mad-brain rudesby full of spleen; Who woo'd in haste and means to wed at leisure.

Names that mean little lady?

KABIBE : African KABIBI : Swahili DONIA : Spanish DONILA : Spanish DONITA : Spanish DAMEESHA : American (Noble Little Lady) SUNU : Indian (Sweet Little Lady)

What do yellow lady bugs mean?

Yellow lady bugs are pretty common, so you should not be concernedif you see them. If one came in your house, it probably means thatit is getting warmer outside.

What does it mean when you dream about Lady Gaga?

If you dreamed about someone, or something you know about, it usually means you have done something related to them, thought about them, or was reminded of them before you went to sleep. Dreaming about Lady Gaga isn't serious, it doesn't mean anything at all.

What does land lady mean?

A landlady is a woman who is a landlord. A landlord or landlady owns property that other people, called tenants, live on for a monthly fee.

What does leisure mean in simple words?

Relaxed and free of stress. It could mean that you are physically at rest, but it does not mean that specifically. Often hobbies or recreational activities are considered leisure so long as the person doing them enjoys it. Leisure time is unrestricted, unscheduled, doing things on a whim. "At one's (MORE)

What does it mean if you dream about a beautiful lady?

There is not enough information to provide a meaningfulinterpretation. If you are a guy, dreaming of a beautiful ladycould be very different than if you are a girl. Dreams of abeautiful woman dressed entirely in black, or in red, or in white,would each have different meaning. It also depends on what (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream of a Voodoo Lady?

This dream suggests that instead of recognizing and dealing withthe problems in your life, you tend to look for someone orsomething to blame, particularly something supernatural. This is avery common way of trying to remove responsibility from yourself.The dream is your mind's way of showing you tha (MORE)

When a lady dies in your dream what does it mean?

Your dream could mean a number of different things, depending on the identity of the lady, how she dies and other factors of the dream. One thing it does NOT mean is than any actual person is about to die. Dreams are symbols and metaphors; they do not represent actual people or events. If the lady i (MORE)

What does Leisure Lady Travel Agency specialize in?

Leisure Lady Travel Agency specializes in leisure travel, destination weddings, family reunions, and other events. They focus on travel to the following destinations: Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Europe.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ladies of Leisure - 1930?

The cast of Ladies of Leisure - 1930 includes: Willie Best as George - the Elevator Operator Charles Butterworth as Party Guest Juliette Compton as Claire Collins Jay Eaton as Party Guest on Balcony George Fawcett as John Strong Ralph Graves as Jerry Strong Marie Prevost as Dot Lamar Lowell Sherman (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream about a lady?

It could mean that you are attracted to that lady, or that you find her interesting. The exact meaning would depend on the emotional tone of the dream and on what happens in the dream itself. Very generally, the dream is about your own thoughts and feelings as they refer to this person. Your dream (MORE)

What is the meaning of lady luck?

It is a term that derived from gambling. It refers to when women would stand alongside a person who was winning and they were thought to be lucky. Used to mean, fate, fortune. The personification of luck in lady form. Frank Sinatra sang a song called 'Luck Be a Lady.' It was also featured in t (MORE)