The meaning of lady of leisure?

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It means a woman who does not have to work for a living, either because she has a rich benefactor who gives her money, or because she has inherited money .
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Meaning of Life and leisure?

the meaning of life is oh sorry i have to go. maybe ill tell you if i ever see you stupid vank 8==D. 9/11 ha its actually 11/9 if you said it right stupid yanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In the poem leisure,the poet W.H.Davies wanted on emphasis on life which is full of care,that means full of worry and anxiety,due to which we don't even get time to spend some

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well i found a painted lady in my garden and if you don't believe me I'll even tell you of all the colours its got on it: a pale orange, orange, black and brown. I've got it r

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First of all, Leisure means freedom from the demandsof work and duty and second of all arts mean The products of human creativity; works of art collectively This is by julie

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Relaxed and free of stress. It could mean that you are physically at rest, but it does not mean that specifically. Often hobbies or recreational activities are considered leis

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