The meaning of tomorrow your horse may be lame?

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It meens that live for today, and be happy with what you have, cuz the next day may not be so good(your horse may be lame). Lame meening that the horse is unable to walk, or put preassure on a leg. Hurt.
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What does the expression 'lame duck' mean?

The term lame duck refers to somebody weak. For example, when an elected official's successor has already been elected, but has not taken office. It is also occasionally used to disparage a politician who will not serve again, such as a US president near the end of his second term. A lame duck sess (MORE)

What is lame duck mean in horses?

Answer . A lame horse is a horse that is disabled in its feet or legs.. A "lame duck" refers to a weak, ineffective, or powerless person (particularly a politician whose successor has already been elected but not inaugurated).. There is a multiple choice question on the site "howrse" that asks (MORE)

How do you find out if a horse is lame?

trot your horse up get a friend to lead and observe if a horse is putting its head down and limping on a leg GET A VET my friend did not bother about getting a vet when her horse was lame it had to be shot in the end the vet said if she had called a vet at first her horse would still be alive!

What does the expression lame duck mean horses?

Comes from the fact that the soldiers aimed at the horse's flank in calvalry times. Comes from the fact that horses suffering from emphysema, in the age of cavalry, were considered as "good for nothing"

What do you do to help a horse recover from lameness?

stall rest and ice and a boot on the lame leg rest as much as possible do not take him/her out of her/his stall until she/he can walk trot and canter in the round pen without a problem FYI I have a lame horse hes been lame but I cured it hes on stall rest until hes all better his name is Yankee.

What does What is vice today may be virtue tomorrow mean?

Morals and morality are constantly changing and also differ from place to place.. Only 150 years ago homosexuality was punishable with prison, now its accepted.. In some cultures multiple wives are allowed, in ours its a crime.. It is generally considered that birth control is a virtue but in the (MORE)

Can lyme disease cause rear lameness in horses?

Rear lameness can be caused by a multitude of things, however to answer your question: Yes.. Since lyme disease, (called Borreliosis) causes arthritis in one or more joints, it is possible that lyme disease could be making your horse lame.. The only way to know for sure if it is lyme disease is (MORE)

What should you do if your horse is Lame?

If your horse comes up lame the best thing to do is to place it in a stall where it can't move around very much and call your equine vet to come take a look. What might appear 'simple' could really be just the beginning of a very serious problem. Most vets will also tell you to ice the leg or cold h (MORE)

What causes lameness in a horse?

Injury, normally. The horse could have twisted it or hit it on something, but it could be something more serious. Once my horse was suddenly very lame in one foot and he had an abcess inside his hoof. We had to soak his foot in water and epsom salt every day until it healed.

Can roasted soybeans cause lameness in horses?

I have barrel horses to back yard horses.And I have been feeding roasted soybeans for two years now and I have not had any problems!Actually it has made my horses look GREAT!!!But just make sure you are not feeding too much of them.Horses only need a 1/4 a cup one to two times a day!And good day and (MORE)

What is the meaning of alef lamed dalet in Hebrew?

This is a bit oversimplified: Aleph, Lamed and Dalet (אלד) are three letters from the Hebrewalphabet. In the order given, (Aleph Lamed Dalet) they comprise oneof the seventy-two names of God which are unspeakable. As such, itmight be more accurate to say they are the initials of oneof the (MORE)

What happens when your horse is lame?

Your horse will limp. Do not ride the horse while it is lame. There are a few reasons your horse may become lame, they are the same as you or me. While your horse is lame, make sure he / she does not expert themselves.. 1) is that your horse may have the most obvious - a cut. To make your horse l (MORE)

What does lame girl mean?

It's actually an opinion that some people think about a girl. It means that person thinks that girl is lame. But that's an opinion

What are signs of lameness in horses?

Well..I believe your horse would be limping. When you think your horse is the vet IMEDIATLY!!! It could be something serious. Before you do call though, check his feet for any big or small rocks that could be hurting it. Even back injuries could make it limp. :(. Just call the vet if you (MORE)

Why is your horse lame?

There are too many resons your horse could be lame. laminitis, thrush, pulled tendon/muscle, a back problem and so many other things. A vet should be called to diagnose the reason he is lame and to give you instructions on how to fix it.

What does Macbeth's Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow soliloquy mean?

"Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, And Tomorrow" Soliloquy as written by Shakespeare: Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Lif (MORE)

What does it mean to become a lame duck president?

The period between election day (November 4th) and the inauguration of the next president (January 21st). The sitting-president is considered a "lame duck" since the president-elect will be strolling into the oval office within a couple of months.

Can you still ride a lame horse?

NOOOOOOOOO! You should not ride a lame horse. You could make the problem worse. If your horse is lame, you should have a vet check him out.

What is the Meaning of halt and lame?

I thought 'halt' was a word to describe cripples who could not stand. In churches they were allowed to lean against the walls. Not sure where I got the idea from!

How do you know if a horse is lame?

One way to tell is, obviously, if they are limping or showing signs of stress when they put weight on the leg. Another is if there is heat, swelling, or tenderness anywhere in the leg or hoof. Also, if a usually active horse is not moving, or only doing so reluctantly, it is a good idea to get a vet (MORE)

How long should a horse rest after lameness?

Once it no longer is lame, you should be able to ride again. I would suggest not jumping for a bit longer. If the horse is older you may wish to allow it to rest for an additional week. Personally, I am not a fan of jumping anyway, but if you feel you must, watch for lameness regularly. If this b (MORE)

Why may the framers have specified a longer lame-duck perios?

You are obviously very ignorant and have not done your reading. Therefore, I suppose you have just thrown this question up into the oblivion that is the internet in hopes that would acquire a decent answer. Because of my insinuations that you are corruptly stupid, you wouldn't be able to comprehend (MORE)

How long does a horse go lame for?

It depends on what is causing the lameness. It could be a day or two from a stone bruise to a life-long problem like a suspensory ligament injury.

What does 'lame as' mean?

The official meaning of "lame as" means "as weak as or as crippled as". But, right now the term "lame" is being used as slang and inappropriately for its real meaning. Here are some sample sentences: Correct meaning: Jane said John was a lame as a dog without a leg. Slang meaning: That rock ban (MORE)

Why do horses get lame?

it`s because of their owner. my horse was lame, but i rode him for ages every day & he eventually became perfect! u have to excercise him/her

What is the difference between lameness and tenderness in a horse?

They are just different degrees of the same thing. Tenderness is 'a little touchy' and may have some swelling or puffiness. Lameness is beyond a little touchy, where the horse is obviously favoring a certain foot or leg. Lameness is usually more easily observed at the trot, and will help you locate (MORE)

What does to walk lamely means?

To be lame means to be weak or to be unable to walk. So, to walk lamely would mean walking poorly, small steps, perhaps even clumsily.

What do you do for a horse that looks lame?

1st: if you are riding the horse hop of and take of tack and tie up 2nd: pick out the leg that looks lame by walking or trotting the horse and lookin for pain. 3rd: feel the legs that looks saw, feel for heat in the leg and compare it to the other fround or back leg 4th: if there is no heat in the l (MORE)

Horse points his toe and is lame?

If a horse is pointing it's toe it is typically a sign of pain. If he's lame along with it, you need to have both your equine vet and farrier out to examine the horse and make sure it doesn't have laminitis or a very bad injury. It may just be an abscess that needs to be drained.