The northeastern side of Asia is very sparsely populated for what geographic reason?

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Tundra and subarctic climate dominate the environment
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Why is Australia a sparsely populated country?

Australia Is A Sparsely Populated Area Because.... Australia Is Mostly Desert. There is a fair amount of grassland but most of the area is desert and deserts are not great pla

What is sparse population?

Sparse population generally means low density of population, ie., low per unit area population.

What is a sparse population?

Sparse population means that the population density is very low. Population density is the number of people per square kilometer or mile. In order to find out country's densit

What is the climate of Northeastern Asia?

It depends on latitude. 0-10N--Tropical Climate. 10-30N(give it or take) , Tropical monsoon,30-45N-subtropics monsoon climate,45-60N,Temperate monsoon.

Is Japan sparsely populated?

No. Japan has over 5,751 people per square mile. At about the size of California, it has over 127 million people (1.9 percent of world population).
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What is the most sparsely populated continent?

Antarctica is the least populated continent, but it really has no people whatsoever. Australia is the least populated if you were looking for one that actually has people livi
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Why is the desert sparsely populated?

A desert is sparsely populated because it is to hot you will catch heat stroke. There is no water nearby to drink and you will get dehydrated. No flat land to grow crops on an