The number on grizzly wintergreen cans?

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The numbers range from 0 - 12 and some of the new tins have no number at all (maybe the ink ran out but I've had a few). It definitely has nothing to do with how many stems you'll get, my last five tins have been; unmarked, 0, 4, 12, and 9. All had enough stems to make me angry. If the numbers mean anything, it would have to be a moisture rating, with 0 being the most moist, and 12 being the driest. I was excited when I scratched back that 12, I thought it meant I had a grade AAA tin (I don't usually get high numbers). Wrong. And the 9 that followed was nearly as bad. The low numbers were very moist, both the unmarked and the 0 so moist that there was wet ball-like clods of tobacco that were also somewhat annoying. I'd say an ideal tin would be the 1-3 range moisture-wise, and luck of the draw as far as stems go. This is somewhat unrelated, but I've noticed far more stems per tin on average since they switched to the new tin. If they bought new sorters/shredders to work with those tins, they should cash them in for a refund and bring the old machines back. I'll gladly take the plastic lid back.
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What is canning?

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Will wintergreen rid mice?

It works to get rid of diseases in the air, while acting asexpectorant. The mice do not like the smell of wintergreen orpeppermint.

Why don't wintergreen lifesavers spark anymore?

Wintergreen lifesavers should still spark. Triboluminescence occurs when the sugar molecules are crushed and an ultraviolet (not visible) light is emitted. This ultraviolet light fluoresces when it hits the wintergreen oil (methyl salicylate) and produces the visible sparks of light we all like.... (MORE)

WHAT IS THE viv number on a 2007 YAMAHA grizzly 660?

Vehicle identification number if you mean VIN. It identifies your year make model as well as whrere the unit was built and some other information it also identifies that specific unit for title and registration purposes.

Can I take Altoids that contain wintergreen in pregnancy?

it comes out way easyier and not that much yes way and my baby is now 10 im 28 and it comes out good and i was not so moody so definitly take them!. it comes out way easyier and not that much yes way and my baby is now 10 im 28 and it comes out good and i was not so moody so definit (MORE)

How do you prune wintergreen boxwood bushes?

Yes, Once the shrubs reach the desired height you trim them to maintain there shape and size. Remember that you are dealing with a slow growing shrub and if you get to aggresive with the trimming it will take some time for the shrub to heal if it can at all.. I would trim them twice per year spring (MORE)

Does grizzly wintergreen have fiberglass in it?

no dip at all contains fiber glass it will cause swelling to thecheeck and gum nicotine is caried throw the salavia and goes to theblood stream -Dip does NOT contain "fiberglass". That is a myth,people in Sweden though that they had fiberglass crystals in thesnus they were purchasing. Come to find o (MORE)

What is oil of wintergreen?

This oil is produced by wintergreen plant. It is methyl salicylate. It is used in many liniments for headache or muscle sprains. It has pain killing effect.

Number under bar code on grizzly?

It is the quality of the chew. It ranges from 1-12, 1 being from the bottom of the barrel and the lowest quality so to speak, and 12 being the top of the barrel and the highest quality

Can you eat wintergreen?

"(Wintergreen oil) is a potent toxin. Its pleasant odor and its useas an agent to flavor candies often causes its potential as apoison to be underestimated."

What happens when you chomp on a wintergreen lifesaver candy?

The lifesaver sparks in your mouth If you take the lifesavers into a pitch-black room (a bathroom usually works the best) you can watch science in action. I find it works best with a friend because then you can share the feeling of amazement, but it also works if you are by yourself and look in the (MORE)

What is Grizzly Wintergreen?

Grizzly Wintergreen is known as a cheaper alternative to Kodiak Wintergreen both made by the American Snuff Co. What people do not know is that it is Really Kodiak in Grizzly can with a little longer, but very consistent cut and subtle flavor differences. Grizzly is a meaner wintergreen than most, m (MORE)

What is the chemical formula of wintergreen oil?

Wintergreen oil is a pale yellow or pinkish fluid liquid that is strongly aromatic with a sweet woody odor (components: methyl salicylate (approx. 98%), a-pinene, myrcene, delta-3-carene, limonene, 3,7-guaiadiene, delta-cadinene) Main component is nothing else than the main component in aspirin, (MORE)

Can wintergreen cause side effects?

True oil of wintergreen, distilled from wintergreen leaves, is very rapidly absorbed by the skin and often causes severe skin irritation and painful, hive-like skin eruptions.

What is wintergreen?

Though several different plants are called by this name, true wintergreen is Gaultheria procumbens, a lowgrowing species of shrub common in sandy coastal regions and woodlands of eastern North America

How is wintergreen taken?

A decoction can be made by mixing 1 c (240 ml) of boiling water with 1 tsp (1.5 g) of the dried winter-green leaves and allowing the mixture to steep for 15 minutes. This tea may be taken up to three times per day.

Does mint originate from Wintergreen?

Mint (Menthae haplocalycis) is a family of herbs Winter green ( Gaultheria procumben s) is a different family of herb, so no, mint did not come from wintergreen.

When i dip tobacco I get sick but I will get very hot and start sweating a lot then Puke. It was grizzly wintergreen and I got a buzz very fast and was very dizzy from it. Why is that happening?

The first few times you dip, you will get a buzz. And you will most likely get sick as well. The first time I ever dipper, I didn't feel a thing because I got a really small pinch. So I tried it again, this time, getting a bigger pinch. I got a buzz instantly and held it in for about 45 minutes. But (MORE)

What is the easiest way to get to the Wintergreen Resort?

An easy way of getting to the Wintergreen Resort depends on the location you're traveling from. What would be best for you to do would be to compare the location of the Wintergreen Resort to the location you're at on a map and find the easiest way for you.

How much sugar per can of grizzly wintergreen tobacco?

There is some sugar in grizzly wintergreen. I'm diabetic and when I put a dip in my blood sugar goes up a little bit. So dnt believe people when they say there isn't any sugar in grizzly wintergreen (I'm not quite sure whomever wrote this answer understands that nicotine raises blood pressure....wit (MORE)

How much is it for a log of grizzly wintergreen pouches?

It depends on where you live. I'm from Maryland and it usually runsme about $3. Generally cheaper the farther south you go and moreexpensive the farther north you go. However, I bought it for about$1.50 a few years ago in North Carolina and about $2.00 a coupleweeks ago in North Carolina.

What is orbit wintergreen chewing gum made of?

Chewing gum is made of rubber with flavoring.Sometimes sugary sometimes not.Since the flavor is wintergreen they take mint leaves and take out the substaces in the leaf and creating a spicy but enjoyable flavor after the others flavors are added. P.S. I suggest you don't swallow it...Its doesnt di (MORE)

What kind of roots does the wintergreen have?

The roots of the Wintergreen are very long and penetrating. They dig their way into the dirt and keep the tree submerged from the winter climates. They are big roots. Use a chainsaw.

What is Grizzly Wintergreen best known for?

The brand Grizzly Wintergreen is the best known dipping tobacco from the American Snuff Company. The Wintergreen flavor is most preferred and many like Grizzly due to is cheaper cost over competitors like Skoal.

Where can one contact Wintergreen Hotels?

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