The person who played C3PO in Star Wars?

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Anthony Daniels
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Who is c3po?

C3-PO is a protocol droid created by Anakin Skywalker. C3-PO is in all 6 Star Wars films.

In Star Wars Renegade Squadron for the PSP do you play as 1 person or as a squad?

You get to control 1 player, but, there is a whole team which has A.I. in your team supporting you and others, fight against the opposing team, can customize there weapon load

When was c3po in Star Wars created?

C-3PO was actually in all the movies but was created before episode I (1), which was the fourth movie created. The sequence in which the movies were made is: first:episode IV

Describe C3PO personalities?

Cautious, careful, he makes sure that what ever he does isn't too dangerous, and anything else that means 'cautious'.
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Who was inside the C3PO costume in Star Wars?

C3PO was "played" by Anthony Daniels. He is an English actor born in 1946. He has also done voice over work in the "Lord of the Rings" series and was also in the show "Prime