The population of a town was 54000 at the last census It has increased by 2 3 since then What is its present population?

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What is a census of population?

A census is the act of taking an inventory of the total population of a specific area and collecting information about its demographic, social and economic characteristics.

What was the population of the US in the last census?

The population of the US in the 2010 Census was 308,745,538. This represents a figure averaged to April 1, 2010 -- this total and individual state figures were used to calculate apportionment in the House of Representatives.

2008 census population Wales?

There was no census held in 2008, the last census was in 2001 and the next one is due to be held in 2011. They are held every ten years. Current estimates of the population of Wales give a figure of around 2,900,000 or just under 3 miliion.

What is the population of adolescents in the US in the Census 2000?

According to, the Census 2000 of the US for adolescent population is as follows: 10 to 14 years of age: 20,528,072 ; 7.3% of the total population of the US. 15 to 19 years of age: 20,219,890 ; 7.2% of the total population of the US. Therefore, the population of 10 to 19 years of (MORE)

I am exercising regulary since last 2 months and my weight is the same but my body fat content is increased by 3 percentage What am I doing wrong?

3% is a huge difference! you just cant not have gained weight for that to have happened, you must have gained weight, but your measuring/the measuring device is off. There is one alternative solution. you have burned muscle (probably from dieting too hard improper nutrition) and its disappeared so y (MORE)

Four reasons for conducting a population census?

Types and Importance, or Reasons for Population Census 1. It must be conducted by government of the state or country where the census is taking place. 2. It must be conducted at the same time (simultaneously) throughout the country. 3. It must involve regular counting at specific intervals of (MORE)

What is the difference between population and census?

population is amount of people. census is the record of a certain statistic, and the information is from the population. . Example: the United States census shows that dogs are the most popular pet in California.

Arizona population since the last census?

2006 resident population est.: 6,500,180\n. \n2000 resident census population (rank): 5,130,632 (20). Male: 2,561,057 (49.9%); Female: 2,569,575 (50.1%). White: 3,873,611 (75.5%); Black: 158,873 (3.1%); American Indian: 255,879 (5.0%); Asian: 92,236 (1.8%); Other race: 596,774 (11.6%); Two or more (MORE)

Has the polar bear's population increased since 2004?

Polar bear population has not been extensively studied. The local tribesmen are our most accurate information and the current claim is that the populations are growing as a whole. Few groups claim that the polar bear population is decreasing now. What the claim is that if global warming is true a (MORE)

When was the last census of human population held?

Individual countries make their own censuses in periods of 5 or 10 years, others at more infrequent intervals, but no census of the entire human population has ever been made. Statistics regarding the whole population are made based on a combination of official censuses and estimates by both nationa (MORE)

What are the advantages of a population census over a population sample survey?

› The census will give a comprehensive picture of the social and living conditions of our people in 2011. Only a census can provide such complete detail. The census is not, however, an end in itself! Rather the results are essential tools for effective policy, planning and decision making purpo (MORE)

If the annual increase in the population of a locality of a town be 6 percent and the present population be 16224 what was it three years ago?

Suppose the population 3 years ago was x. Then a year later it would have been x*(1.06) two years later it would have been x*(1.06) 2 and three years later x*(1.06) 3 which is 16224 So x = 16224/1.06 3 = 16224/1.191016 = 13621.98! If it was 13621, it would have increased to 16222.83 now and if (MORE)

Since 1958 has the population of Australia increased?

Since 1958, the population of Australia has indeed increased, at least doubling . At the beginning of 1958, Australia's population was just under ten million, although this did not include full blooded aborigines. At the end of 2009, Australia's population hit 22 million.

What are the 2 ways that population sizes can increase?

I think but excuse me if I'm wrong a habitat and water can increase because wr need water to live and it keeps us and other living things from dehydrating and a habitats is like a home a house and all living things need that.I'm sorry again if I'm wrong I am a middle school student so don't think I' (MORE)

How much has London's population increased in the last few years?

London's population was at its highest just before World War II with a population of around 8.5 million. Over the next 50 years the population gradually decreased to around 6.5 million as traditional jobs disappeared and people moved to other places within the UK and emigrated. Since then, there has (MORE)

What are 2 things that can increase population?

Population can be increased by many factors. One of which is availability of resources. If more food is available to the organism and the number of predator remains the same or decreases, then the population will increase. When the amount of predators decreases, a population will also increase.

Why does the city continually lose population from census to census?

A city's population may decrease for several reasons: Job opportunities may have diminished because of business failures or because a business has moved. Business may move or fail because of poor management or because of excessive tax burden. People may leave an urban area because the living c (MORE)

What is population of Nepal according to new census?

The new population of Nepal is 26620809. Central Bureau of Statistics has released the preliminary result of the National Population Census 2011 on September 27, 2011 in a program held in Lalitpur. According to preliminary result of the National Population Census 2011 released by CBS among the highe (MORE)

What is the importance of Tanzania population census?

to know the birth and death rate,number of literacy and illiteracy,provision of social services,dependant and independant,level of development,number of people accros the areas,mother and children mortality rate,to know number of livestock within the areas.

What is the latest census population for Spring TX?

The latest census population for Spring, Texas is 54,298 people, 18,050 households, and 14,068 families who live their. This is 49 percent more for the population as of the year 2010 from the year 2000.

What is Giraffe population for last 3 years?

In 2010 the global giraffe population stood at around 50,000 including those in captivity. I am unsure as to more recent counts, but the population has certainly been in a serious decline for a long time now.