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It is a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement
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Can you negotiate a judgment?

  Yes you can always try and see if a creditor will negotiate the debt. When they want the money vad enough they always settle.

How do you negotiate with a hooker?

Just make a rule of what your willing to pay....A girl on the street ,sex or (intercourse) ..I wouln't pay more than $50 usually $40.........For head i think around $20 is abo

Is it negotiable means?

Negotiable means that something can be changed or compromised on. For example, a person may was $10.00 and hours in pay but say their pay is negotiable which means the employe

What does negotiate mean?

To negotiate is to define the terms of a contract or agreement, often involving bargaining over the details between the parties involved. A compromise may be reached that is a

What animal is a negotiator?

For an example: A Tigar is a negotiator!! They have stips and are friendly to some people, unless you apporch them with AIDS

Negotiations in a sentence?

The trade negotiations have failed to produce a free trade agreement.

What does negotiate?

it means to talk to some one and chat with them or to have a debate with them in one topic.

What is the purpose of negotiation?

  Answer   Two or more parties are involved in a certain issue, all have different points of view and solutions to their own problems, when the parties negotiate all

What is negotiating skills?

skills include personal and professionl quality of someone.we can say that talking way,dealing way etc

Why do negotiations fail?

Negotiations fail because both parties do not get what they feel  they would like to get out of the deal.

What is negotiated fare?

Negotiated fares is defined as being a fully automated data  distribution system that processes private fares. It handles  multiple fare amounts that are associated with neg

What is the significance of negotiation?

It's a chance to determine what are the key points of interest of the other negotiating party. What do they value and how can you give them what they value most, while maintia

What is negotiation explain the process of Negotiation?

What is negotiation? Explain the process of negotiation. Negotiation is a dialogue intended to resolve disputes, to produce an agreement upon courses of action, to bargain fo

What is a negotiator?

A negotiator is someone who specializes in mediating agreements between two or more parties. Most negotiators represent a particular party involved, rather than acting as pure

How do you negotiate commissions?

  first one to speak loses   Ask the client what commission they customarily pay. If they don't have an answer ask them to provide what they think your services are w

Why do people negotiate?

People negotiate to try to get a more positive outcome... either  more salary, or a cheaper price, or a bargain they can be happier  with. Not everyone negotiates, but if tw