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It is a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement
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When does negotiation start?

negotiations starts after a buyer has received quotations and has identified a suitable supplier. the buyer engages the supplier with the intention of reaching an agreement of

What does negotiation mean?

Answer 1 Negotiation is the process of discussing a problem face to face in order to get/reach a goal. I think you mean Negotiation. If so, it's when both parties come to a

What is a negotiated reading?

When you agree partially with the media being presented, but add your own meanings based on your own beliefs

What is the opposite of negotiation?

The opposite of negotiation (compromise) would be dictation, or decision by fiat. The opposite of negotiating could be conflict, fighting, quarreling, or war.

Negotiations in a sentence?

The trade negotiations have failed to produce a free trade agreement.

What does negotiate?

it means to talk to some one and chat with them or to have a debate with them in one topic.

What is the purpose of negotiation?

  Answer   Two or more parties are involved in a certain issue, all have different points of view and solutions to their own problems, when the parties negotiate all

What is negotiated fare?

Negotiated fares is defined as being a fully automated data  distribution system that processes private fares. It handles  multiple fare amounts that are associated with neg

What does negotiable mean?

When something is negotiable, it means that at least in theory some issue or problem can be discussed by two or more parties, and a solution can be arrived at with some give-a

What is negotiation explain the process of Negotiation?

What is negotiation? Explain the process of negotiation. Negotiation is a dialogue intended to resolve disputes, to produce an agreement upon courses of action, to bargain fo

What is a negotiator?

A negotiator is someone who specializes in mediating agreements between two or more parties. Most negotiators represent a particular party involved, rather than acting as pure

How do you negotiate for salary?

  go to a job website, such as jobserve, or it's equivalent, search for the role that you do, selecting permanent.. but also check temp/contract so that you can compare d