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It is a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement
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A good negotiation process is centered on?

I suppose a good negotiation process is centered on compromising and not entering a negotiation with a win/lose frame of mind...it will more than likely end up being a tug of

What is value claiming and value creation in negotiations?

Value claiming is a situation where there can be only one clearly delineated winner of a negotiation. These types of situations are called zero-sum or distributive situations.

Difference between negotiation and advocacy?

A negotiation is any manner in which two or more parties deal with a conflict. An advocate is someone who assists an interested party in dealing with negotiations. so basicall

What does negotiation mean while discussing the network protocols?

  In cases where a connection is established, the sender, the receiver and the subnet conduct a negotiation about parameters to be used. Parameters like maximum size of th

What is the purpose of negotiation?

  Answer   Two or more parties are involved in a certain issue, all have different points of view and solutions to their own problems, when the parties negotiate all

A sentence with the word negotiation?

Transferring ownership of a promissory note or check from one person to another is technically known as "negotiation" of the promissory note or check.

What is negotiation explain the process of Negotiation?

What is negotiation? Explain the process of negotiation. Negotiation is a dialogue intended to resolve disputes, to produce an agreement upon courses of action, to bargain fo