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Communication with others.
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What did the telephone do?

It speed up the communication. It created a new channel for long  distance communication, instead of letters which requires long time  to deliver and may become lost.

What is the purpose of a telephone area code?

When introduced, area codes were important to helping route calls around the country: local calls were handled by your local telephone exchange, but dialling an area code told

What was Alexander bell purpose of inventing the telephone?

The purpose of the Telephone is so that people can communicate without using the mail. Which could take a week, a month, even a year. The Telephone is a much easier way of com

What is a telephone?

A telephone is another name for a 'phone' or a 'mobile' or even a 'cell', which are all slang terms for the telephone. A telephone is a communication device used between two

What is business telephone directory purpose?

A business telephone directory has the listings of all the telephone numbers needed throughout the company depending on what company it is. For instance, a hospital's director

What is your purpose?

To be God's creature. To Learn. To Serve. To Heal. To Educate. To Protect the environment. To Live and Let Live. To Protect Wildlife. To Experience. To Gain

What can telephones do?

Telephones are used to transfer audio tones over copper wire. Giving us the capabilities to communicate especially in long distances. With the telephone cabling system we are

What is a purpose?

to state a definite question or problem.Purpose gives direct, narrows scope, and provides a specific intent.

What is the importance of the telephone?

With the modern telephone system such as the virtual PBX, we are able to navigate with ease in the confusing world of some business phone system. With the call forwarding feat

What was the purpose for Alexander Graham Bell to invent the telephone?

Bell wanted a better method of communication to beat the telegraph that was the modern mode of talking great distances in the 19th century. He, and his assistant Thomas A. Wat