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FBI Special Agents may receive the full FERS Basic Benefit if they retire at age 50 with 20 years of federal law enforcement officer service, or at any age with 25 years of such service. The annual FERS Basic Benefit for retiring Special Agents is 1.7 percent of the "high-3 average salary" (the average annual salary earned during the 36 consecutive months of federal employment that would produce the highest average), multiplied by 20 (representing the first 20 years of creditable service), plus one percent of the "high-3" times the number of remaining years of service. The annual pension is increased each year by a "cost-of-living adjustment" (or COLA), reflecting the bulk of the annual change in the cost of living measured by the Consumer Price Index.
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How do you become an agent in the FBI?

you must be a USA citizen, you have to be at least 23 years or older but younger than 37, you must have a four year degree To be considered for appointment as an FBI agent,

What does it take to become a FBI agent?

Simply visit the FBI website. There are a number of different "agent" type jobs available. There are some minimum qualifications and training programs.

What colleges to become a FBI agent?

Any college as the FBI seeks applicants with all types of skills and training, not just criminal justice. For instance, a while back they were especially looking for accountan

How do you become a FBI special agent?

You must possess a bachelor's degree as a bare minimum for education requirements, complete the SF86 for a background check to achieve a TS/SCI/SSBI clearance (this includes h

Can a kid become a FBI agent?

depends if the child goes totiny tots play group they have a secret underground training if you have the money