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the smallest stars around are the tiny red drawfs.these are the stars  with 50% the mass of the sun & smaller
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What is the smallest insect in the universe?

There are well over 1,000 species of the fairyfly. At just 0.139 mm  long, they are the smallest insect known to man, and at just 0.15  mm in length, they are the smallest k

What is the smallest planet in the universe?

  Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. We probably won't ever detect any other planets of that size orbiting other stars because they are just so small. W

What is the smallest star?

The smallest main sequence star detected so far is called OGLE-TR-122b. It has a radius of 0.12 that of our Sun which means it is only 20% larger than Jupiter and has a mass

What is the smallest star in the universe?

OTS 44 a brown dwarf 550 light years away in the constellation Chamaeleon. It has a mass of 0.013 solar masses, about 15 times that of Jupiter, or about 1.5 % that of the Sun.

What are the smallest stars?

The smallest stars are called neutron stars. They typically have a diameter of only 12km the smallest star is the neutron star from the word "neutron"

What is the smallest object in the universe?

A "quark" - Particle that makes up sub-atomic particles.   "An elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter.  Quarks combine to form composite particles ca

Is an atom the smallest thing in the universe?

at the moment, the smallest thing in the universe known to man is the neutrino, with a mass of less than 0. this is the opposite of an electron. electrons are one of the three
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What is the smallest thing in the universe and its size?

Eventually there is Planck Space at 4.222 x 10-101 m Also there is Quantoam foam just smaller than strings and Planck Length/Planck Particle. The Quantoam Foam is 0.000000000