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The sts-8 flight cover USPS nasa this flight cover and envelope postmarked aug 14 1983 was launched on aug 30th and returned on sep 9 the last complete mission of the challenger postmarked 9.35 value?

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What is the value of an envelope signed by J Honus Wagner postmarked 1939?

A Honus Wagner Single Signed Baseball is worth about $4,000.-$5,000. Cut signatures about $400.-$500., and 3x5 index cards about $500.-$600. I would put the signed envelope po

Do postmarked envelopes commerating significant events such as the first airmail flight from Tulsa Oklahoma to Dallas and Chicago have any significant value?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nDepends on a lot of factors, but significant value, no. But most of these covers are worth a few dollars, but if there is a match with an important

What is AUG?

AUG is the Start Codon in the messenger RNA sequence. AUG (or Aug.) is also the abbreviation for the month of August. AUG is the airport identifier for Augusta State Airpo

What is the value of old postmarked postcards?

Old postmarked postcards can vary in value depending upon their  content, to whom they are addressed, the picture on the front, etc.  If a postcard is in good condition and

Any value to a USPS commemorative postmark of Minnesota Twins dated Oct 17 1987?

There are collectors that specialize in such postmarks. They typically want the entire envelope with the stamp intact. Thematic collectors, also known as topical collectors,

Are used stamps worth anything after usps postmarks?

For any collectible to be worth anything, it must be rare, unique and/or wanted by somebody else. Nobody is going to pay a lot of money for something they can buy anywhere, fr

When are envelopes postmarked by the post office?

It is not envelopes that are postmarked (franked), it is the stamps on the envelopes (so that they can not be used twice). Therefore they are franked when fist processed in th

What if an envelope has to be postmarked by a date that falls on a Saturday?

You should put take the envelope to the post office before  midnight, or earlier, on that Saturday to get the correct postmark.  That is, If the pick up for the mailbox has