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The subject matter of an epic is usually?

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Destruction of the subject matter of the contract?

You agree to sell your kidney for $10,000 Crazy Cannibal Carl accepts your contract and signs it. Doctor Dumb removes the kidney and promptly decides to eat it. ( Destru

What do you usually use to modify a subject?

A subject may be modified by an article (a, an, the); and adjective that describes the subject; or a phrase that tells about the subject.

What does epic poems usually consist of?

an epic poem usually consists of four things: action a hero that represents the ideals of his culture it takes place over a wide spread area has some sort of intervention of

What is the subject matter?

subject matter is what the person works about. For example an artist, what the artist paints about

What is subject matter of demography?

Demography is one of the areas of study connected with sociology. Usefull for comparative purposes of past ,present and future population indicators. Past, present and exp

What is a subject matter?

Subject matter is what an art work has been created about. For example if you were to have a painting of a cow, then the subject matter is a cow.