There's a teenager in the house by kerima polotan?

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How do you know when there's a ghost in the house?

Well, I figured that there was a ghost in in my house when I was going into the bathroom to take a shower. I had a fake little flower on my desk and 2 perfume bottles also. I (MORE)

Types of Discipline That Work for Teenagers

There are many different parenting methods used today. However, there are many misconceptions about how to properly discipline teenagers. There are really only a few ways a te (MORE)

What is a Teenager?

A teenager is a child between the ages ofThirteen and seventeenHense the fact its called a 'Teen' 'Ager'For the word 'teen' in everything from thirteen to nineteenAnd 'Ager' a (MORE)

Autobiography of kerima polotan tuvera?

Kerima Polotan TuveraKerima Polotan Tuvera(born in Jolo, Sulu on December 16, 1925) is a Filipina authoress.Early lifeShe was christened as Putli Kerima. (Putli means princess (MORE)

What is Theme of the virgin by kerima polotan?

It is easier to find fault in others and criticize them than it is  to do the same to oneself. The main character is unmarried, 34  years old, works at a job placement cente (MORE)

Chore Ideas for Teenagers

Teenagers are at an age where they begin to seek more independence from their parents. They want to be out of the house more. They are more involved in school and other activi (MORE)

Time Management Tips for Teenagers

The teenage years are often the first time in life when a young man or woman starts taking on responsibilities without assistance from their parents. School work and house cho (MORE)