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There is a 12 day difference in due dates ultrasound confirms an earlier date and LMP is a later date Which is more accurate?

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I go by the LMP, but even then I had mine early.
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How accurate are due dates predicted by ultrasounds?

Answer   They are accurate within 2 or 3 days.   But this does not mean that you will have the baby on your due date.   Babies can be born any time between 37 and 4

If your LMP was Nov. 4 and 3 ultrasounds showed your due date as Aug. 11 and one said July 31 what are the chances you got pregnant the last week of September?

  Answer     It's not possible at all. If your last menstrual period was November 4, you would've conceived somewhere around November 18-21, if you generally have

You were told you conceived on one date by an ultrasound but your lmp tells a different story off by 7 days but than again your cycles are 24 days which is more accurate?

  Answer   Hello.     I would go with the date the ultrasound gave you but ultrasound dates can be off by a few to 7 days.   Answer     Both of t

When I had an 8 week scan i got a due date of 6 Dec however I found a diary which confirmed my last cylce was 6th Feb this would give me a due date of 16th Nov on a 35 day cycle Is the scan accurate?

Answer     A last period on 6th Feb with a 35 day cycle would give a due date of 20th November but this still gives a 16 day discrepancy at a very early stage when t

How incorrect of a due date can an ultrasound show?

  Answer   I believe that my due date from my ultrasounds were 2weeks wrong. They say i were due March 9th, but i believe i were due Feb 22nd. I ended up having my b

At 34 weeks pregnant and they did your first ultrasound at 9 weeks but your not sure if your period date was right can they still tell you accurately when your due date is.?

  Answer   most of the time at that point the dr can tell how far along you are by your size and size of the baby, but they could be wrong it happens all the time. i

How do you figure out the approx date of conception based on your due date your due date is sept 18th your pregnancy is not consistent with your lmp your ultrasound was consistent with your due date?

The closest thought I have would be to go back 40weeks, then forward 2 weeks. This thought is based apon the fact of your aprox due date and taking it back to to what would ha

If your girl friends lmp was dec 26 2007 and you when for a ultrasound found out she was 8 weeks along and gave a due date of Oct 20 2008 what would the conception date be she cheated Jan 11 2008?

from her lmp her due date should be Sep 30, meaning she should have conceived Jan 9, give or take 5 days. Her due date is 20 days off. meaning her lmp would be Jan 14. she sho