Why would your monitor display be fuzzy?

Answer . Your monitor could be old and needs adjustment, or your video card\ncould be crap. I've seen the same monitor look sharp on one PC and\nfuzzy on the next PC. You c (MORE)
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What is the fuzzy pet in the movie labyrinth?

There are a lot of fuzzy things in Labyrinth. If you're referring to Sarah's pet, it's a dog. There is Sir Didymus but he is not anyone's pet, most people think he is just a f (MORE)

What does a fuzzy white caterpillar eat?

About 3 or 4 days ago I was walking past one of my plants, it stands about 6 feet and 12 feet around, I thought time to trim, its pretty bushy. Today 3/4 of the leaves on the (MORE)

What is the difference between fuzzy set and L-fuzzy set?

A fuzzy set (class) A in X is characterized by a membership (characteristic) function f A : X--> [0,1] which associates with each point in X a real number in the interval [0, (MORE)