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To which country does India have the largest border?

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India has the largest border with Bangladesh and also has borders with Pakistan, Bhutan, Burma, Nepal and China.
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What are 7 countries that border India?

What are 7 countries that border India?

In alphabetical order they are... Afghanistan, Bangladesh, bhutan, burma,china, Nepal, Pakistan

Sea that borders the country India?

The Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Bengal Bay all border India.

Which countries share the border with India?

total 7 countries share common border with India Pak, Afganistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh & Myanmar

What countries border India?

The countries with land borders are Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Burma (Myanmar). India has a territorial sea border with Sri Lanka, and with Indonesia in t

What countries does India border?

Afghanistan:[49]  106 km   Bangladesh (199):[19]  4,053 km   Bhutan: 605 km   Burma: 1,463 km   People's Republic of China (3): 3,380 km   Nepal: 1,690 k
What six countries border India?

What six countries border India?

The six countries are Pakistan(West) Bangladesh(East) Bhutan(North East) Nepal(North) Myanmar(East) China(North) I am really sure about these six countries but I am confused w