Today the majority of immigrants to canada are coming from which continent?

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Why do immigrants come to Canada?

Immigrants choose to come to Canada out of all country's because they come for free health care, free eduction, diverse religious views, low crime rate, and to be reunited wit

How did Chinese immigrants come to Canada?

When the Canadian government decided that they wanted to build the Canadian Pacific Railway; there weren't enough people working on it, and so they allowed Chinese people to i

Why do immigrants come to the US today?

Many Immigrants come to the United States because life in their original country may be hard. They may have traveled because of the need for food, jobs, houses, and really fre

Why do immigrants come to America today?

Immigrants still come to America today for the same reasons as theydid in the past. They come for jobs, college, freedom, and theacquisition of rights available to all citizen

When did Chinese immigrants come to Canada?

Canada's population is shrinking and getting older. The government is supposed to pay for the standard and living health care for and the old citizens. The coming of immigrant

Why did Russian immigrants come to Canada?

Canada has a similar climate and it was felt they would be good immigrants to invite into Canada to fill Western Canada to grow grain for Eastern Canada and to disenfranchise

How many immigrants come to Canada?

Each year about 250,000 immigrants come to Canada. The number coming in fluctuates depending on a number of factors. Assimilation and employment play a significant role in how
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When did the Chinese immigrant come to Canada?

in !871. Chinese, or Asian immigration started about 15,000 years ago and occurred in waves ever since. Many came in the 1800's to work in Canada as the pay was great and f