Took 3 pregnancy tests and all are a faint positive. Started taking prenatal pills and the next day started my bleediing with blood clots 4 days earlier than my period is due. Could I be pregnant?

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if ur on a female contraceptive this can act the same hormone wise into fooling ur body into thinking its pregnant , giving a false positive pregnancy test.
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Could I be pregnant missed a few pills not had a period due to start taking pill again took pregnancy test neg but could it be to early to tell?

Answer . Answer. This is always problematic, but time will tell. You should call your doctor and tell them this. To make sure, also use an alternative birth control for th

You are a week late on your period. you had a blood test yesterday that can back negative. 3 days ago you had a faint positive. A sonogram yesterday showed the start of an early pregnancy. any advice?

It sounds like your DR performed the Qualitative blood test which is notoriously inaccurate during early pregnancy.. Go back to your DR and ask for the Quantitative beta hcg

You took a pregnancy test and it came out negative you had your period the next day 4 days later you took another test and it came out positive Is it possible you are pregnant?

Yes it is possible. Some woman get there period during the first few months of pregnancy. You need to see a doctor to find out if you are pregnant. They check with a pregnancy