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chest pain
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What does superior mean in medical terminology?

In medical terminology superior means above, referring to a part of the body that is situated above another or directed upwards. More specifically it means towards the head. s

What is the Medical terminology for paralysis of the diaphragm?

phrenoplegia literally means "diaphragm paralysis condition". phreno-, -phren- can mean "diaphragm, heart, and mind". The most common term we use it in is schizophrenia, lit.

What are the combining vowels in medical terminology?

  A, E, I, O, U, and Y.   Combining vowels make the word easier to pronounce when connecting multiple word roots.   ex:   Acr/o - Extremeties (arms and legs)  

What are the components of medical words in medical terminology?

prefix, root, and suffix.   The field of medicine deals with Greek and Latin-derived terms and  codes that seem esoteric for most people. However, learning a  little bit

What is the medical terminology for the words with without before and after?

with- a "c" with a line over it   without- an "s" with a line over it   after- a "p" with a line over it   before- an "a" with a line over it

What is the medical terminology of weight loss?

There may be an obscure medical term of Latin/Greek origin, but everybody just uses "weight loss." The concept of weight loss is very general, nondescript, and can be caused

What does proximal mean in medical terminology?

It means "near". The opposite is distal. SO for example, on your fingers, which have 3 bones (except the thumb), the end bone is called the distal phalanx and the one nearest

What does bilateral mean in medical terminology?

Both sides To expand a bit on the above answer, bilateral, in this case, refers to something that occurs in both the left and right sides of the body (such as paralysis of bot