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Show-biz term, referring the order in which the performers' names are listed in the promo for a production. To top the bill means to be the main event, the head-liner.
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How do you get to the top of bills house on Pokemon emerald?

answer and helper! i don't no where bill's house are if you tell me I'll tell you how you get top of bill's house:) i no how to get top because i have play Pokemon sapphire a

What is top of the bill?

It means the "headliner". The main act everyone is coming to see, not the opening acts that are of lesser stature.

Why did Thomas Gibson lose top billing for Criminal Minds?

I don't believe Thomas Gibson was ever in the "top billing" for Criminal Minds. In the beginning there was someone in top billing (Mandy P) and he left. They brought in someon

What animal is corky off bottle top bill?

a horse! There is a saddle on her back and she makes the clipy cloppy sound of a horse. Also she asked Mrs whistlehead if her knitting machine could make leg warmers for horse
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What is the value of a misaligned 2 bill It shows part of another bills printing at the top?

Since it is a misprint it is extremely hard to tell in the coin world penny misprints with dates as current as 2006 go for roughly $6 but that is because there are roughly 100
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What is rated the top billing software?

The top billing software according to the site toptenreviews is Billquick. This got excellent marks and review from them and so ought to be good. It is worth doing an individu